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9 Tips for Preparing your Skid Steer for Winter

Skid steer clearing snow off a sidewalk with an attachment

Hook a John Deere Skid Steer up to a Worksite PRO snow attachment – such as a broom, bucket, snow blower, or snow pusher – and transform it into a winter wonder. The following tips will help you prepare your skid steer to weather the snowstorm.


Tip 1: Get it right. Refer to your operator's manual and select proper engine oil, engine coolant, hydraulic oil, and fuel for cold-weather operation.


Tip 2: Battery of tests. The cost of a new battery is minor compared to the downtime created by a weak one. Inspect the battery and terminals, and replace them if necessary.


Tip 3: Check, please. Check the hydraulic and fuel filters and replace as necessary.


Tip 4: Keep it clean. Remove debris from the radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, and HVAC condenser.


Tip 5: Don't cease to grease. Lubricate points with a lithium-based lubricant. Use low-temperature grease in severely cold temperatures.


Tip 6: Keep up with inflation: Inflate tires to the recommended pressure listed in your operator's manual. Low tire pressure may decrease stability and lifting performance, reducing the traction needed for maximum push capabilities.


Tip 7: Play it safe. Inspect all safety equipment, including seat belt, lap bar, and machine triple-interlocking brake system to ensure they're functioning properly.


Tip 8: Tie up loose ends. Look over the machine for loose or broken parts, damaged cab components, loose wheel lug nuts, and damaged or missing safety decals.


Tip 9: Get a visual. Perform a visual check of the snow attachment's hoses, cylinders, cutting blades, and edges.