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John Deere Jiamusi Works, Jiamusi, China

Building with solar panels in Jiamusi, China
The installation of solar panels is nothing new, but installing solar panels capable of meeting the hot water demands of a facility in Jiamusi, China, where temperatures can fall as low as -36 degrees  centigrade is a serious challenge. The John Deere Jiamusi Works (JDJW) energy team rose to that challenge, developing an innovative solution to the problem of an inefficient solar energy system.

The JDJW energy team partnered with a supplier to invent a collector pipe circulating technique and coating technology that improved the performance of the solar water heater 15% compared to similar water heaters. The solar heating method eliminated the use of natural gas for water heating and reduced the facility's overall natural gas consumption by 5%. Not only is this design energy-efficient, but it also has safety advantages over the previous method.

Due to the success of the solar heating project at JDJW, the method not only will be installed in other areas of the Jiamusi facility, but also can be applied to future John Deere solar projects in similarly challenging climates.

Engineering Center Protects Nature Right Next Door

Engineering Center Protects Nature Right Next Door

Deere uses education and facility design to prove its engineering center and a wetlands area can live side-by-side, to each other's mutual benefit.

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