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Motores John Deere, Torréon, Mexico

Motores John Deere team in the Torréon, Mexico facility
The availability of water is a growing concern globally. Motores John Deere, located in Torréon, Mexico, identified an opportunity to use gray water (recycled wastewater) rather than rely on well water or city potable water.

The Motores John Deere team designed and implemented a treatment process for gray water to allow reuse in cooling towers at a lower cost and with less environmental impact. The results of the project are impressive, reducing the facility's annual well water consumption by 48% and cooling tower consumption of city potable water by 97%.

The gray water project has benefited the Motores factory, and the team has created a project that is easily transferable to other Deere units.

Engineering Center Protects Nature Right Next Door

Engineering Center Protects Nature Right Next Door

Deere uses education and facility design to prove its engineering center and a wetlands area can live side-by-side, to each other's mutual benefit.

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