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Power on the Water

No-Barriers Diving

Follow link to learn how John Deere is powering these unique excursions

Individuals living with a physical disability don't have to miss out on the excitement and freedom of diving exploration.

Learn how John Deere is powering these unique excursions.

Power on the Water Archives

  • Click here to learn how John Deere is powering James and Jennifer Hamilton's adventures

    Adventures on Dirona

    James and Jennifer Hamilton wanted the freedom to pick up and set sail whenever the mood struck. They realized that dream and more on the M/V Dirona, their home on the open water.

      Learn how John Deere is powering their adventures
    • A Preston-designed 13.5-meter (45-foot) patrol boat

      Master of Design

      Bill Preston rides the wave of a successful 50-year career as a naval architect.

        Read more about these uniquely designed pilot boats
      • The Belem under full sail on the ocean

        Born Under a Lucky Star

        The Belem is the only remaining example of a 19th century French three-masted barque still sailing the high seas. It is now powered by twin John Deere 13.5L engines that help it navigate any challenge that might arise when the sails are stowed.

          Read more about Belem's journey
        • Blue and green HydroJet boat with lots of people aboard driving in the water under a bridge

          Fun in the Sun

          Boat racing has inspired three generations of boat builders in the Bonner family. Jordan Bonner, the latest boat maker in the family, continues the tradition with two new John Deere-powered tourist vessels that anyone with a need for speed can enjoy.

            Read more about Bonner's story
          • Yacht sailing in the ocean with the city in the background

            Cruising in Confidence

            Boating has been an evolutionary process for Murray Birch. He now owns a John Deere-powered Nordhavn 63 motor yacht that will take him cruising well into retirement.

              Read more about Birch's story
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