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Off-Highway Emissions Certificates - 2018

Locate your engine family number in the list below. The following certificates will provide you with the CARB and EPA emissions regulations which can be used to locally register your engine. You will find your engine family number on the emissions label.

JJDXL02.9303 JJDXL02.9303-012 U-R-004-0548
JJDXL02.9318 JJDXL02.9318-001
JJDXL04.5304 JJDXL04.5304-026 U-R-004-0563
JJDXL04.5311 JJDXL04.5311 U-R-004-0559
JJDXL04.5315 JJDXL04.5315-017-R01 U-R-004-0551
JJDXL04.5316 U-R-004-0547
JJDXN06.8147 JJDXN06.8147-001
JJDXN06.8148 JJDXN06.8148-002
JJDXN06.8149 JJDXN06.8149-004
JJDXN06.8151 JJDXN06.8151-003
JJDXL06.8204 JJDXL06.8204-015 U-R-004-0552
JJDXL06.8210 JJDXL06.8210-023 U-R-004-0560
JJDXL06.8302 JJDXL06.8302-013 U-R-004-0549
JJDXL06.8309 JJDXL06.8309-014 U-R-004-0550
JJDXL06.8312 JJDXL06.8312-025 U-R-004-0558
JJDXL09.0114 JJDXL09.0114-009
JJDXN09.0153 JJDXN09.0153-008
JJDXN09.0154 JJDXN09.0154-005
JJDXN09.0155 JJDXN09.0155-006
JJDXN09.0168 JJDXN09.0168-007
JJDXL09.0301 JJDXL09.0301-018 U-R-004-0553
JJDXL09.0308 JJDXL09.0308-019 U-R-004-0554
JJDXL09.0313 JJDXL09.0313-027 U-R-004-0562
JJDXL13.5103 JJDXL13.5103-010
JJDXL13.5132 JJDXL13.5132-016
JJDXL13.5146 JJDXL13.5146-011
JJDXL13.5201 JJDXL13.5201-022 U-R-004-0557
JJDXL13.5300 JJDXL13.5300-020 U-R-004-0555
JJDXL13.5310 JJDXL13.5310-021 U-R-004-0556
JJDXL13.5314 JJDXL13.5314-028 U-R-004-0561