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Inside the Online Operator Training Courses

John Deere online operator training courses cover information specific to John Deere machines. Through several interactive lessons, on-screen simulations, periodic knowledge checks, and post assessment tests, operators will learn and demonstrate the following objectives:

  1. Daily Service Checks
  2. Startup & Machine Operation
  3. Safety
  4. Maximizing Machine Productivity

John Deere Online Operator Training CoursesDaily Service Checks
Through narrated machine demonstrations, operators will become familiar with identifying and performing daily service checks. Safe positioning of the machine and location of the pre-start checklist is also covered in this lesson. At the end of this section, operators will have to demonstrate their ability to identify daily service checks on all sides of the machine.

John Deere Online Operator Training CoursesStartup & Machine Operation
After performing daily service checks, it's time to startup the machine. In this section operators will learn the proper sequence of starting up a machine. Through interactive online simulations, operators will become familiar with the machine controls in an online 3D environment. In the example shown here, operators will learn basic blade control and tracking using the on-screen replica joystick controls of a JSeries Crawler Dozer.

John Deere Online Operator Training CoursesSafety
Safety training is a very important component of operator training. The online operator training courses have a large section devoted to safety training. Operators will learn worksite communication, jobsite awareness, hand signals, safe operating techniques, underground utility markings and colors, fueling, end of day parking, loading onto a trailer, lockout tagout, and safety equipment.

John Deere Online Operator Training CoursesMaximizing Machine Productivity
Operators will become familiar with machine specific settings through interactive lessons to help you maximize machine productivity. As an example, the screen shot to the right shows how an operator will utilize an excavator in-cab monitor to change work modes to maximize productivity when switching attachments from a bucket to a breaker.