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Payload Weighing


  • Monitor ADT and wheel loader payload and trip counts
  • Quickly load to order
  • View historical data for reference on similar jobs
  • Confidently adjust required margins in estimates to be more competitive
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    An image of an articulated dump truck and a wheel loader moving dirt with data overlaying the image


    Onboard payload weighing for Deere articulated dump trucks (ADTs) provides overload protection, with mirror-mounted load indicators that inform the operator when the truck is nearing capacity. Payload scales also let the operator track total tonnage and cycles. The system will even calculate the carryback after the load is dumped for accurate production values.


    Payload weighing systems for wheel loaders help increase profitability and efficiency for quarry and aggregate operations. Onboard weighing creates more efficient loading and allows material movements to be tracked. Onboard weighing systems give the loader operator information on every bucket lifted, allowing accurate measurement of every load and preventing over-or under-loading. The systems also provide the ability to track multiple trucks and products to create a clear picture of product and customer movements.

    A cartoon image of a wheel loader with a full bucket approaching a truck

    Optimizing your jobsite for higher productivity and profitability

    Efficiency on the jobsite is essential to running your business. John Deere WorkSight gives you the tools to keep track of machine data, grade control systems and payload weighing to optimize the operations of your jobsites.

    Learn how you can get the most out of your ADT

    Haul more efficiently with John Deere WorkSight

    Onboard payload weighing for John Deere articulated dump trucks helps you haul more efficiently and track material movement easier.



    Payload Scale Options


    Two Payload Scale Options Available

    LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere Advanced Payload Scale (APS)

    Close-up image of Loadrite device

    For the ultimate payload weighing integration, the LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere is available for the 444K Loader and up. Featuring a separate monitor and optional printer for outputting load tickets or end-of-shift reports, the L2180 for John Deere is designed to increase loader efficiency and productivity without slowing loading.


    The L2180 for John Deere offers the globally recognized accuracy and quality of LOADRITE products. With accuracy to within one percent. LOADRITE products are the scale that loader operators ask for by name.


    Only the L2180 for John Deere is fully integrated with JDLink to provide information such as total bucket loads, trucks loaded, and totals by material along with your other JDLink data – all in one place.


    Embedded Payload Scale (EPS)


    Image of Embedded Payload Scale

    The EPS provides limited functionality for operations interested in monitoring payload information but without the detail of the L2180 for John Deere. The EPS is available on John Deere 444K through 724K Loaders.




    Feature Benefit LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere Advanced Payload Scale (ABS) Embedded Payload Scale (EPS)
    Parts and labor warranty Component replacement upon failure 3-year parts + 1-year labor on entire system 1 year on calibration
    Printer option Produce hard-copy load dockets; generate end-of-shift reports x
    Data Tracking Track individual customer truckloads x
    Multiple product support Track totals for different types of material x
    Target loading mode Ensure trucks are loaded to maximum payload x
    Split weighing Ensure trucks and trailers are loaded to correct weight while monitoring overall loads x
    Multiple attachments Calibrate scale to variety of buckets/attachments x
    Recall and subtraction of last bucket load Correct operator errors; allow addition of partial bucket loads x
    Ground-slope compensation kit option Consistent, accurate loading regardless of conditions x


    ADT MODEL On-board payload weighing with mirror-mounted lights
    250D-II Standard
    300D-II Standard
    370E Optional
    410E Optional
    460E Optional

    Specifications are based on published information at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice.