Premium cab

The Ultimate
Command Center.

Cabs generous on comfort, convenience, and control.


Room with a view

180-degree view lets you see past the horizon on just about every side of you. Because when you’re in the most productive combine in the world, you should be able to see beyond limitations.


Relaxed atmosphere

Standard cab offers stress-free cloth interior to get you through taxing days. The air suspension seat adjusts four ways so you can find the perfect fit. And with the convenient lumbar adjustment, your back gets all the necessary support to go the extra mile. Throw in the optional head cushion and 14 hours in the field will feel like a walk in the park.


Premium leather package

Looking for added comfort? The new leather cab package provides a leather trim steering wheel along with a lumbar-supported, heated and ventilated leather operator seat to massage away grueling work hours. Plus, a leather instructor seat allows both passengers to ride in style.


At your command

How does it feel to have your finger on the button with this much power at your disposal? Okay, so you’re not quite the leader of the free world, but with the S-Series simple and intuitive cab controls, you’re certainly commander-in-chief of your field.


CommandArm Console

‘Easy does it’ is the motto for the CommandArm console. User-friendly, and quick to locate, the CommandArm is home to every operating feature you’ll need for a simple yet productive day. That includes hot keys for all of your common harvesting adjustments. As well as your air conditioning, radio, and lighting controls.


Digital Cornerpost Display

It’s all here. All of your alerts, engine speed, power meter, and other combine performance checks … all well lit and easy-to-read for your convenience on the perfectly-placed digital cornerpost display. One quick glance and you’ll have the information you need to stay productive.


GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display

Some customers just need more than what even the CommandCenter offers. If you fit that profile, then check out the GreenStar 3 2630. Equipped with all the same great features as the CommandCenter, the 2630 is larger for easier viewing. Best of all, it supports video functionality and USB data transfer.

Explore the Cab Features. Scroll down or use the arrow buttons to navigate.

Explore the Cab Features. Use the arrow buttons to navigate.