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PowerTech PSS Engines

We’ve set a new level of standard. Introducing the all-new John Deere PowerTech PSS engines. Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation lowers peak combusting temperatures, which reduces NOx. And the 4-valve cylinder head provides excellent airflow for greater low-speed torque and enhanced transient response time. Of course, these new engines are Tier 4 compliant, offering a diesel exhaust fluid consumption rate of 2% or less … making our engines both eco-friendly and customer-friendly. That’s a win-win.

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Power up

There’s power, and then there’s PowerTech PSS engines. With power increases made to the 9L engines found in the S650, S660, and S670, you get more responsiveness and performance in each class size model. And the 13.5L engines found in the S680 and S690 offer improved power bulge and peak torque along with series turbocharging that adds the necessary momentum to fuel a productive harvest.


Under new management

New Engine Speed Management puts the breaks on operation costs. Available on S670, S680, and S690 ProDrive machines, it reduces your combine’s engine RPM’s during transport while still maintaining a productive ground speed. And that means a 10-20% fuel savings, which increases your fuel efficiency by up to two gallons an hour.


Built for the pros

The ProDrive™ Ground Drive System is control where you need it most. Precise ground speed thanks to seamless shifting between two speed ranges with the simple push of a button. Consider the ease of the speed selection – one for normal harvesting; the other for faster operation or transport – from the hydrostatic control handle on your CommandArm. And extra torque is now available for 5mph harvesting so you can breeze through acres of tough crop.


It’s that simple

The three-speed ‘Push Button’ Shift Transmission is called that because it’s that easy to work. Just bring your machine to a standstill, select the gear you need by pressing one of three convenient buttons on the armrest, and then let the combine do the rest. Piece of cake. Even better, the Push Button Shift Transmission applies the hand brake automatically to ensure smooth shifting.

Tires & Tracks

Get your business on track

Sometimes you don’t have much time to get your crop out of the field. Worse yet, conditions on the ground might already be risky for harvesting. So what do you if you’re sandwiched between storms? That’s easy. You get out there. All-new 36-inch tracks for S-Series Combines give you that option to work in muddy, soaked fields. High idler design and superior flotation make sure you stay on your schedule and not on Mother Nature’s.

Tires & Tracks

Check out my new wheels

Meet the latest in smooth performance from our new Low Sidewall (LSW) drive-and-steer tires. They offer a similar benefit solution as a track machine in a tire offering. That means you get superior traction and flotation when harvesting in soft, wet soil conditions. And they greatly reduce compaction and stubble damage to the tire. Plus, the LSW tires allow you to maintain transport speed without tire hop.

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Explore the Engines & Drives. Use the arrow buttons to navigate.