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Industry-leading headers for superior crop performance

600C Series Corn Heads

High-speed harvesting in the toughest conditions

6, 8, 12, 16, or 18 rows … whatever your practice calls for, we make a durable corn head to handle it. And did we mention high-speed? You may or may not be thinking about that now. But consider how much higher harvesting speeds will mean when you have a storm coming and your harvest window is closing shut. With 600C Series Corn Heads, you get the same high output at higher speeds, so you can get done sooner.

612FC Folding Corn Head

Fold and go

The new 12-row 612FC Folding Corn Head improves harvest readiness. How do we define ‘readiness?’ Simple. It’s ready to raise your acres harvested by 30 a day, as compared to an eight row. And it’s ready to fold quickly and easily, increasing harvest performance by six acres per day. The only thing more convenient than that is you don’t even have to leave your operator seat to get it folded. More importantly, it tackles the harshest crop. That goes for high-yielding corn, robust hybrids and tough green stalks alike.

600C Series Corn Heads

StalkMaster™ takes no short cuts

That ‘Jack of all trades’ thing just didn’t work for us. We decided to design a corn head that could master the crop. With the StalkMaster Chopping Corn Head, it slices through stalks while cutting down on harvesting time. And with no second passes to worry about, you don’t just save hours on the clock, you keep fuel, labor, and operational costs down, too.

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600C Series Corn Heads

Let RowSense be your guide

Here’s a way to keep profits up even in down corn … or around terraces … or on pivots. It’s AutoTrac RowSense from John Deere Ag Management Solutions. Thanks to GPS technology in your StarFire receiver, RowSense lets you operate hands-free, helping you reduce overlaps – whether you’re harvesting day or night – so you can put more dollars in your grain tank.

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600FD HydraFlex™ Drapers

All in the family

In 2014 we introduced the 645FD, which offered upgrades versus the rest of our 600FD lineup. Beginning in 2015, every model in our lineup is now equipped with these new industry-defining features. That includes a wider feed section to get more crop into the feederhouse and faster center-belt drive-speed to handle the higher volumes. Also, shorter end dividers to help reduce grain loss and crop knock down. And stronger reel fingers to better handle harsh crop conditions. Finally, there’s improved wear life on the reel finger support tube bearings to keep your HydraFlex draper out of the shop and keep you working in the field.

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HydraFlex Draper™

Give new meaning to ‘cover crop’

When it comes to harvesting beans, we’ve got you covered. Each model HydraFlex™ draper is ideal for soybeans thanks to the flotation system that matches the weight of your soil conditions. And new for 2015 is the 645FD for the S680 and S690 combines, offering up to 10% more acreage harvested per hour.

Rice harvesters, we haven’t forgotten about you. The 630FD was especially built for rice: available steel tine reel and dual knife drive make light work of this tough crop.

600D Draper Platforms

The ‘D’ is for dependable

Want a platform that can perform fast even in tough wet conditions, regardless of crop? The 600D is your horse. Dual knife drive system, 16-inch feed drum, and hydraulically-titled cutterbar complement our range of 25-foot to 40-foot draper heads to give you the most dependable draper platform on the market.

600F HydraFlex Platforms

Get low for the highest yield

600F HydraFlex Platforms give you the ground-hugging harvest performance to adapt to fields of all shapes, sizes, and contours, reducing loss in down or tangled crop. With five models to choose from, there’s sure to be a size that fits your operation. And if ground conditions vary from one side of the field to the other, adjust flotation quickly and easily all from the seat of your cab.

615P Belt Pickup Platform

Smooth operator

Rough fields require a gentle approach. Enter the 615P Belt Pickup. There’s no better way to get the smooth gathering you need for windrowed grain. 44.5-inch rubber belts offer tighter tracking and reduced seed loss. And belt connectors increase drive capacity for greater performance in less than ideal conditions.

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