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John Deere 13.6L Engine

We developed the PowerTech™ 13.6L engine with a clean-sheet design. This means we designed the product from the ground up, leveraging our best technologies in new ways to meet both market and customer demands.

Our product development approach for the 13.6L resulted in an engine that delivers new levels of reliability, durability, flexibility, and serviceability for a wide array of heavy-duty applications. Not to mention, it's all wrapped in a compact package that is easy to integrate, simple to maintain, and EPA Final Tier 4 and EU Stage V compliant.

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Compare the Final Tier 4/Stage V 13.6L to the 13.5L diesel engine

13.6L engine
13.5L engine




Rated power

300–510 kW (402–684 hp)

309–448 kW (414–600 hp)


Single, dual


Continuous rating

436 kW (585 hp)

373 kW (500 hp)

Peak torque

3050 Nm (2250 lb-ft)

2750 Nm (2028 lb-ft)

Peak power speed

1900 rpm

2100 rpm


1468 (3237 lbs) single turbo
1521 kg (3353 lbs) dual turbo

1500 kg (3307 lb)


1366 mm (53.8 in)

1547.4 mm (60.9 in)


890 mm (35 in)

948.6 mm (37.3 in)


1446 mm (56.9 in)

1460.3 mm (57.4 in)

*Length measured without fan drive. Specifications are with standard options. Dimensions may vary according to options selected.

In recent years, engine development was heavily influenced by upcoming emissions standards. Now that we’ve achieved those goals, we leveraged innovative technologies to continue optimizing our product offerings. This clean-sheet design approach for the 13.6L allowed us to put customer and market needs front and center.

Michael Lefebvre, Manager
Worldwide Marketing Support at John Deere Power Systems
Man servicing equipment

Put the John Deere 13.6L engine to work

Ready to put our new engine to work in your machines? Your John Deere engine distributor is ready to work closely with you to engineer a customized solution that will fit your specific application and power needs.