Flory keeps it compact

Flory nut harvester

John Deere engines have been powering Flory nut sweepers and harvesters for more than two decades. And over the years, the company has leaned on Western Power Products for engineering support and emissions expertise.

When it was time for Flory Industries of Salida, California, to prepare for Final Tier 4/Stage IV emissions standards, that support went into high gear. "Western Power's guidance and support is a must in today's environment of strict emissions standards," says senior engineer David Leinfelder. "It's important to work together and collaborate."

Collaboration began several years ago with the onset of Interim Tier 4/Stage III B emissions. Western Power brought an older model Flory sweeper to its facility in Bakersfield to perform a repower. "We did some experimenting to see if we could drop these sweepers to 74 hp (55 kW) without compromising performance. They did, and that was a big benefit because at that lower horsepower level, the engine does not require diesel exhaust fluid."

Move to Final Tier 4

As Final Tier 4/Stage IV deadlines drew closer, Western Power Products recommended the EWX 4.5L engine for the Flory 34 and 79 sweepers. Again, the distributor went to work, helping Leinfelder and his team with product design and integration engineering.

"We were challenged to meet all of the cooling and intake requirements of the engine, yet keep the machine as compact as possible," says Leinfelder.

In the end, the EWX 4.5L engine met emissions without any compromise to the sweeper's low-profile, compact design.

More hands make lighter work

"Working with Western Power has made the move to Final Tier 4 as seamless as possible," says Leinfelder. "The engine performs more than adequately. Operators don't even notice when the DPF goes through its regeneration process. As far as the operation of the engine, the EWX 4045 performs like John Deere engines always have and still does the job that it needs to do."

If service is required, a John Deere dealer is just a phone call away. "Working with the John Deere dealers has been our best dealer experience. They very much understand that when a machine is down in the field, it needs attention right away, and there are mechanics on call 24/7. Plus, a lot of the John Deere dealers in California are also Flory dealers, which makes it a very easy process to get the service they need. The same mechanic coming out to fix the work functions on the machine can also fix a problem with the engine. That's huge for us."

Working with Western Power has made the move to Final Tier 4 as seamless as possible.

David Leinfelder
Senior engineer at Flory Industries