Military Gator Utility Vehicles

family shot of military gators on cliff top

Ideal for cargo transport in critical combat situations.

Whether you're taking a hill or hauling supplies, our M-Gator Military Utility Vehicles go the extra mile. Worksite ready and anything-you-can-throw-at-it ready.

Special Application Vehicles

Introducing the New Special Application Vehicles

These UTVs, built on the chassis and drive train of John Deere’s legendary Utility Vehicles Work Series platform, are custom-modified by IAS to meet the specific needs of Law Enforcement, Security, Fire and Rescue pros—making it easy to get personnel and equipment into tight spaces, from sporting events and campuses to accident scenes and disaster locations.

  • 2-door or 4-door
  • Long-bed or short-bed
  • Mission-ready or Purpose-built
  • Matching “Trail-Braker” ZTW trailer

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Gators lineup

John Deere Utility vehicles

Whether you’re climbing a hill or hauling supplies, our Gator™ Utility Vehicles go the extra mile. From the Work Series to the Crossover Series with 2-, 3- and 4-passenger capability, we’ve got a full lineup that’s ride-ready, worksite-ready and anything-you-can-throw-at-them ready.

These utility vehicles are designed from the ground up to give you the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, with a wide range of standard and optional features that are as hard working as you are (and maximize the power of play).

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