Military Gator Utility Vehicles

family shot of military gators on cliff top

Ideal for cargo transport in critical combat situations.

Whether you're taking a hill or hauling supplies, our M-Gator Military Utility Vehicles go the extra mile. Worksite ready and anything-you-can-throw-at-it ready.

Compare our Military Gator™ Utility Vehicles

Military Gator™ Utility Vehicles, available only to Canadian Federal agencies, are specially designed to support the rigor and unique applications of military operations. They’re battle-tested, mission-customized and ready for duty.

ModelEnginePayload CapacityTowing CapacityCertificationsCabStandard Features

18.5 hp* / 854 cc,
Diesel and JP8 Compatible

1600 lbs.

1400 lbs.

Air Drop / Sling,
USAF Transportability

Open Cab

Front Bumper, Litter Carrier,
Fire Extinguisher, Rifle Mount

18.5 hp* / 854 cc,
Diesel and JP8 Compatible

1400 lbs.

2000 lbs.

C-130 / CH-47,
209K Lift & Tie Down

Deluxe Cab with Poly Doors
and roll-down windows

CV Guards, Blackout Light Kit,
Fire Extinguisher


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*The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s web site for additional information.