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John Deere Unveils New Dump-From-Seat Material Collection System

Dump-From-Seat Material Collection System

The new Dump-From-Seat MCS improves operator efficiency and material collection

CARY, NC (June 15, 2020) – John Deere is providing customers with a more efficient product for collecting grass clippings with a new and improved Dump-From-Seat Material Collection System (MCS). The new Dump-From-Seat MCS is compatible with all John Deere gas-powered Z900 ZTrak™ zero-turn mowers and features an enhanced design to improve operator efficiency and material collection.

"We know that efficiency, productivity and ease of operation are critical to the success of our customers," said Ruben Pena, product manager, John Deere. "When developing the new Dump-From-Seat design, we focused on improving and simplifying the dumping process to make it even easier to empty the hopper without leaving the seat."

The new design of the MCS moves the fulcrum of the dump lever closer to the operator for easier operation. With the new design, operators can be more efficient when dumping materials.

The new MCS also features a heavy-duty steel blower, to help increase productivity and reduce clogs while operating. The blower finely chops materials, enhancing the collection process, while the powerful suction requires less passes, resulting in saved time and money. In addition, tool-free clips provide easy access to the chute if a clog occurs.

The location of the blower housing was moved from the deck to behind the rear tire of the mower, creating a shorter path for the clippings to travel into the hopper, which helps reduce the occurrence of plugs during operation.

The new design reduces the overall length by 14 inches and width by six inches versus the previous model, making it easier to maneuver and transport. The weight of the machine with a full collection system is also two percent lighter than the previous model, reducing fuel usage and improving ground compaction.

To learn more about the new Dump-From-Seat Material Collection System, as well as the John Deere Z900 ZTrak line, visit or contact your local dealer.

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