Sustainability Report

Foundational Success Factors

Manufacturing setting

Manufacturing and Supply Excellence

Setting new industry standards for manufacturing and supply excellence is vital to the sustainability of our business and the outcomes we aspire to achieve. Our employees in manufacturing and supply management are constantly on the lookout for safer, more efficient ways to work, as well as the suppliers who can help achieve that.

Deere green and chrome piece

Distinctive Product Quality

At John Deere, quality is one of our core values for a reason. Through distinctive product quality, we build our brand, differentiate ourselves clearly from the competition, earn dedicated customers, improve our financial performance, and ultimately achieve our higher purpose.

Three people with hardhats talking in factory setting

Extraordinary Global Talent

To compete in dynamic world markets, John Deere must have a global workforce that is engaged, responsive, and unwavering in its commitment to deliver outstanding value, and flexible in adjusting to the changing needs of the business.

Man looking at projection of machine

Civic and Environmental Stewardship

John Deere’s foremost responsibility is to operate a successful business, one that delivers on the remaining Foundational Success Factors. This allows us to fulfill our higher purpose in other ways, including through giving and volunteerism, political participation and product sustainability.