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The Plowshare is John Deere history for collectors and fans. Read about the latest findings from the Archives, features on collectors and stay up to date on exhibits and events at the John Deere Attractions. It's all in each issue of The Plowshare, and it's free.

Check from John Deere dating back to 1918

The Check that Changed a Company

The Deere & Company Archives contains millions of records and artifacts from the company's history. But a piece of paper dating to 1918 may be the most historically significant item of them all.

Man in full gear rides a snowmobile

Snowmobile Legacy

Nothing Runs Like a Deere™: The famous phrase is part of the John Deere snowmobile legacy.

A woman operates an older model lawn tractor with a full dump cart trailing behind

Equipment that Changed Four Industries

Today's John Deere is part of a long evolution of products. Learn more about the origins of today's John Deere.