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AutoTrac Universal July 05, 2007

StarFire Bracket Mounting Recommendation May 24, 2006

AutoTrac Universal should only be used on vehicles approved by John Deere. Below is the link to view AutoTrac Universal Approved Platforms for both the original AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit and the AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit 200.

CAUTION: AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit and AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit 200 are not approved to be installed on machines without a cab.

The AutoTrac™ Universal look-up tool has been moved from Stellar Support to the Ag Sales Manual. The new tool is available in spreadsheet format. Specific machines can be found by filtering or by using search functionality. The new location can be found under the AMS section in Machine Control and Guidance, AutoTrac Universal.

Click here to use AutoTrac™ Universal look-up tool.


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