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Gator Reviews

See what people are saying about the new 2011 Gator XUVs.

Gator 825i

Sand Sports (November/December 2010)

"You probably associate the US-based company John Deere with construction, forestry, agriculture and cutting the grass. And, you may be asking why one of its products is in this magazine."
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Gator Product Review 2

Popular Mechanics (October 2010)

"Utility vehicles offer more hauling power and cargo space than their ATV cousins, and they can be just as fun to mud around in."
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Camo Gator

Dirt Wheels Magazine (October 2010)

"The name John Deere is as American as baseball and applie pie. Until recently, the name was synonymous only with tractors and other agricultural equipment, large and small."
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Car and Driver (September 2010)

"We compare four side-by-side ATVs. Good luck convincing your gentler half that you need one to 'work in the yard.'"
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Gator Product Review 1

UTVGuide.Net (June 2010)

"John Deere recently unleashed its most performance-driven Gator™ utility vehicles yet. Targeted toward the true outdoor adventurist, the 2011 lineup of Crossover Utility Vehicles (XUV) is packed with advanced features that deliver an unparalleled balance between work and recreation..."
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Gator Product Review 2

Michigan Farm (June 2010)

"Once you fully appreciate the sound of the powerful little automotive engine, you realize "This isn't the 2007 Gator. The ride is smooth -- smooth enough to tangle with that other off-road manufacturer that advertises the 'smoothest ride' in the industry..."
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Gator Product Review 3

Motorcycle USA (June 2010)

"After all of JD's hoopla over the work capabilities of the 825, we were beginning to wonder if it was going have much in the way of sportiness (and, frankly, it doesn't look all that fast). But looks are deceiving. Our two trail loops at CAW included some wide-open sections and one very steep climb, so we made a beeline for those areas to check out the power..."
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Gator Product Review 4

Orlando Sentinel (June 2010)

"'Press the gas, and make monotony eat dust!' says Deere in its hyperbolic press materials. But it's true as a legitimate cross between a Jeep Wrangler and a conventional ATV, this would be my absolute, ultimate choice for blasting through the trails in the Ocala National Forest..."
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