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Get Real

Hatchback car attempting to pull 568 Baler

Haying with your Hatchback?


Of course not. That little car could barely make it up a curb, let alone pull twice its weight through a field all day. And its parts wouldn’t fare much better.


Auto parts are built for cross-town commutes. John Deere parts are designed to take on 18-hour days and 2,000-lb. bales. Not the same at all.


Keep the car on the road where it belongs. See why you should trust only genuine John Deere parts:


  • John Deere StrongBox batteries outlasted automotive batteries by 844% when tested by an independent lab.  Auto batteries don’t have anchored plates because cars don’t need them.  John Deere StrongBox batteries have epoxy-anchored plates designed for the high vibration and off-road conditions that cars never have to face.
  • John Deere filters stop particles 1/5 the width of a human hair, so they can capture all the dirt and debris you face in the field.  Cars never face conditions as rough and dirty as the conditions Ag equipment faces, so their filters don’t need to be as strong.
  • John Deere Plus-50 II engine oil is proven to last 500 hours – which is about twice as long as standard engine oil.  Automotive oil is made for on-road applications, not the grueling field conditions Plus-50 II is designed to handle.
  • It’s been proven that many commercial fuel additives that claim to increase lubricity can actually reduce lubricity and cause harm to your system.  John Deere fuel additives have proven every time that they increase lubricity without causing harm.
  • Cool-Gard II prevents cavitation, protecting your heavy-duty machine for up to 6 years or 6,000 hours.  Automotive engine coolant is not designed for heavy-duty diesel engines, so they can quickly cause cavitation that results in coolant leaking into the power cylinders.

See for yourself.  Trust parts meant for the work you depend on.  Genuine John Deere parts.

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