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Construction Equipment Financing Information

John Deere wheel loader at work

Building Growth Together.

Crockett County Mining, a PB Materials Company, worked with Yellowhouse Machinery and John Deere Financial to grow from three loaders to 21 and increase production to 400 tons per day.

    See how John Deere and Crockett County Mining are Building Together.See how John Deere and Crockett County Mining are Building Together.

    Day in and day out, John Deere is behind you.

    At John Deere Financial, we're focused on listening to you and understanding what is most important to you. We respect that you prefer working with a company you can count on to meet your changing needs, and who provides easy access to flexible financing throughout the good and tough times. We don't just provide construction equipment financing; we build long-term relationships through trust.


    We're dedicated to delivering superior value while providing you with the construction equipment you need and the financing solutions you appreciate. So, whether you need a lease or instalment loan to acquire construction equipment you can count on John Deere to deliver. You’ll also find our financing programs easy to understand, convenient, and customizable to your particular situation.

    Apply Now

    Apply Now

    1. Download the English credit application or French credit application for a John Deere Financial account.
    2. Complete the application and save or print.
    3. Be sure to sign the application.
    4. Send the application by:
      • Fax:  800-263-0205 or
      • Email directly to our Oakville, Ontario office or
      • Take the application to your local John Deere dealer.

    Special Offers

    Special Offers

    Check out the latest special offers from John Deere Financial.


    Talk to your local John Deere dealer about special offers in your area.



    If you’re thinking about adding new construction equipment to your operation, you might want to consider leasing it from John Deere Financial.


    Leasing equipment can free up your cash and increase liquidity. Leasing typically requires less cash up front and the monthly payments are generally lower. There are other reasons, too, such as enabling you to schedule equipment replacement.


    But before you consider a lease ― or any other type of equipment financing option ― you need to consider the effect these four issues have on managing your cash flow (which is crucial for success in any business:

    • Cash on hand
    • Down payments
    • Monthly payments
    • Overall cost
    Every contractor’s business is different, and no two have the same needs … which is why we’re so focused on listening to you and understanding your particular needs.

    We finance most equipment sold by your dealership, and the program we'll set up for you is based on our understanding of the contracting industry and the financial side of contracting.  We offer leases with “Stated Purchase Options”, and Direct Residual Leases (DRV) that have customized residuals directed by your local dealer. We also offer leases with $1.00 buyouts. All leases can be structured with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.

    Instalment Loans

    Instalment Loans

    Owning your own construction equipment and building equity in it can be an attractive option, especially if you’re planning to own it more than five years. You can also depreciate the asset to reduce your taxable income.

    When it comes to instalment loans, John Deere Financial has the flexibility to meet your business needs. We have payment terms ranging from 12 to 60 months, generally structured with monthly payments. We know that seasonal weather conditions or shutdowns can be an issue. Not a problem with John Deere Financial … we can structure your loan up-front with skip payments to help you through those difficult months.

    Flexible  Financing Options

    Accelerated payments
    Start with a smaller down payment, then make larger payments for the first few months to build equity quickly.

    Alternate collateral
    By pledging a "free and clear" machine as additional collateral, you provide increased security with no out-of-pocket costs.

    Skip payments
    If you experience a period of decreased workflow, you can avoid monthly equipment cost concerns by scheduling skip payments into your John Deere Financial retail instalment finance. The equity you build during your busy season carries over into the downtime.

    Variable-rate contracts
    This type of contract generally provides lower payments than a fixed-rate contract, improving your cash flow. And even though rates fluctuate with market changes, your monthly payment will remain the same. If an adjustment is needed, it will be calculated at the final payment.

    In addition to our competitive rates, flexible terms and payments, we can design any of these special solutions to fit your unique business needs. For more information on our retail instalment finance, see your John Deere dealer.