Close-up of cut logs being lifted in the air with an out of focus background.



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Max Tervo, Doug Anderson, Ladd Anderson, Nash Anderson, Eli Larson, and Dane Anderson, all of Doug Anderson Logging, pose beside a John Deere 853M Tracked Feller Buncher.


Front Man >

Learn how Doug Anderson Logging relies on teamwork and a hybrid logging system to navigate tough terrain in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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Tall rows of cut-to-length logs line each side of a winding path at a landing site.


The Marshall Plan >

Learn how a northern Wisconsin logging company is adapting to change, adopting new technology, and building on the region's rich forestry tradition.

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Tree branches and drawings of cars, highlighting decreased emissions.


Machines Productivity is the Key>

G-Series wheeled harvesters consume 16% less fuel per producted cubic meter than the E-series. This meant 60,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions in 2021 alone. The impact is equivalent to replace over 35,000 combustion engine cars with electric cars.

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