904 P-tier wheel loader

Wheel Loaders

John Deere wheel loaders will elevate your reach, comfort, and control. With models ranging from 61.0-563.0 hp with 1-10 cubic yard bucket capacities, choose which front loader works best for you. No matter the job, our wheel loaders provide more productivity, hands down.

324L John Deere Compact Wheel Loader unloading hay using the high-lift option

Compact Wheel Loaders

61.0-103.0 hp

Available models: 184 G-Tier, 204 G-Tier, 304 G-Tier, 244 P-Tier, 324 P-Tier, 344 P-Tier

904 P-tier John Deere Large Wheel Loader moving dirt at a work site

Large Wheel Loaders

303.0-536.0 hp

Available models: 744 P-Tier, 824 P-Tier, 844 P-Tier904 P-Tier, 944 X-Tier

a 644 P-Tier and a 644 X-Tier mid-size wheel loader on a grey background

Performance Tiering

Different jobs call for different solutions. With John Deere Performance Tiering, you'll find the right equipment. Each tier offers distinct levels of performance, comfort, innovation, and serviceability, at a price to match. What doesn't change, regardless of your tier, is the quality and support you've come to rely on. Take our Find Your Fit quiz to discover which tier will work best for you.

Precision Construction Technology

Get more work done more efficiently through our suite of precision construction solutions.

Dealer Support

Stay up and running and lower your costs by making the most of our world-class dealer network.




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