644 X-Tier mid-size four-wheel-drive loader scooping with its bucket in a pile of rocks with a blue sky in the background

Mid-Size Wheel Loaders

John Deere mid-size wheel loaders will elevate your reach, comfort, and control. With a high-lift option available for all of our mid-size models, these versatile loaders can put more productivity within your reach. More horse means more force — our medium loaders range from 124 kW to 264 kW, so that your machine takes you wherever you want to go.

Pick your preference between a single-lever joystick, or two-lever fingertip controls to effortlessly get the job done. Man your machine without removing your hand from the joystick to control two additional functions on the programmable multi-function buttons, such as bucket vibrate and EH precision mode. No matter the job, our L-Series loaders provide more productivity, hands down.

Compare Mid-Size Wheel Loader Models

ModelEngine Net PowerOperating WeightBucket CapacityHigh Lift Option AvailableHigh Lift Plus Option AvailableWaste Handling Option AvailableAg Material Handling Option Available

92 kW (124 hp)

11 709 kg (25,814 lb.)

1.9-3.4 m³ (2.5-4.5 cu. yd.)


113 kW (152 hp)

13 123–13 163 kg (28,931–29,018 lb.)

1.9–3.4 m3 (2.5–4.5 cu. yd.)


123 kW (166 hp)

13 844–13 879 kg (30,520–32,598 lb.)

1.9–4.0 m3 (2.5–5.25 cu. yd.)


143 kW (192 hp)

15 747–15 790 kg (34,715–34,810 lb.)

1.9–4.0 m3 (2.5–5.25 cu. yd.)

169 kW (227 hp)

17 985-18 205 kg (39,605-40,135 lb.)

3.1–3.25 m³ (4.0–4.25 cu. yd.)


186 kW (249 hp)

18 709-18 744 kg (41,246-41,324 lb.)

3.1–3.6 m³ (4.0-4.75 cu. yd.)


172 kW (231 hp)

18 856-18 892 kg (41,571-41,649 lb.)

3.1–3.6 m³ (4.0–4.75 cu. yd.)


200 kW (268 hp)

19 825–19 859 kg (43,707–43,783 lb.)

3.1–3.8 m³ (4.0–5.0 cu. yd.)

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The streamlined G Tier is rugged, reliable, economical, and ready to tackle those common construction tasks. And like all John Deere loaders, it’s backed by the best dealer network in the business. Find your fit with a G, P, or X Tier.

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