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Farm Equipment Loans & Leases

Farm Equipment Financing - We're on Your Side.

John Deere Financial customers may choose us for our competitive financing rates. But in reality, anyone can offer low-rate financing. No matter what state your operation is in, John Deere Financial can provide customized solutions - from a variety of farm equipment financing options that better match your cash flow to flexible and innovative input financing. Whatever the markets, weather, or life’s circumstances bring, we’ll be here to help your farm succeed - for generations to come.

Farm Equipment Financing: Benefits of Loan vs. Lease

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Taking out a loan to purchase and leasing farm equipment both have their advantages. Which one is best for you depends on your operation’s goals at any given time. Compare the advantages of loans and leasing to find out which one best matches your farm's needs.

Loan Advantages

  • You can depreciate your equipment.
  • No limit on your equipment’s hours and wear.
  • You’re building equity - you own the equipment when you’re done paying for it.
  • Terms and payment schedules can be customized to meet your income stream.
  • Equity can be rolled over every 1-3 years, helping you trade in your tractor or combine for a new model.
  • You may see tax benefits.

Lease Advantages

  • Combine leasing with PowerGard™ extended warranty, and know your total cost to use your machine.
  • An opportunity to pay less upfront.
  • Generally, you may make lower payments than with an installment loan.
  • You may see tax benefits.
  • Deploy equity elsewhere in your business instead of building equity in the equipment.
John Deere tractor with baler attachment in a field

Tractor Attachment Financing

Have attachments installed on your tractor when you purchase it, and bundle everything into one low monthly loan payment.


John Deere Tractor and Combine in a warehouse

Multi-Use Account

Finance all your day-to-day and seasonal farm purchases - from parts and service to seed and feed.

John Deere Compact Equipment lifting a hay bale

Compact Equipment Financing

Let us finance other types of machines for your farm, such as compact construction equipment. Skid steers and compact track loaders can fit into tight spaces like barns and bins, making them hard-working farmhands.

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