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What does a complete row crop solution look like? See all the equipment, technology, and agronomic advantages that John Deere brings to the table.

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John Deere Precision Technology

From basic satellite guidance to advanced data management/analysis and remote support, John Deere delivers the tools you need to farm better and more profitably.

100 years of John Deere Tractors

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100 Years of Innovation

1918-2018: The Legend Runs On

  • Waterloo Boy tractor


    Waterloo Boy Tractor

    Deere begins selling the well-known Waterloo Boy tractor, alongside the John Deere All-Wheel Drive (of which 90 were built).

  • Model “D” tractor


    Model “D” Tractor

    Introduced in late 1923, the Model “D” tractor replaces the Waterloo Boy. It will remain in production for 30 years.

  • Model “A” tractor


    Model “A” Tractor

    Model “A” tractor offered adjustable rear axles for various row crops, as well as optional hydraulic Power Lift for raising and lowering mounted implements while the tractor is in motion or sitting still.

  • Quick-Tatch & Touch-O-Matic


    Quick-Tatch & Touch-O-Matic

    Quick-Tatch equipment and Touch-O-Matic offered one-touch, hydraulic control for drawn implements.

  • Roll-O-Matic



    Roll-O-Matic provided a smoother ride and easier steering on narrow front-end tractors. When one wheel went up, it forced the other down so the tractor could “walk” over obstacles.

  • Industry-First Power Steering


    Industry-First Power Steering

    Deere offers industry-first power steering on tractors.

  • A New Generation of Power


    A New Generation of Power

    Industry firsts in the lineup include hydraulic power brakes, closed-center hydraulics for instant power, and the industry’s first wheel tractor with over 100 PTO and drawbar horsepower.

  • Roll-Over Protective Structure


    Roll-Over Protective Structure

    Roll-Gard™, also known as ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure), is introduced as a safety feature, and later released for adoption for the entire industry.

  • Sound-Gard Cab


    Sound-Gard Cab

    The Models 4030, 4230, 4430 and 4630 tractors offer an optional Sound-Gard cab, an industry first dust-free, temperature controlled operator station that provided “freedom from the elements.”

  • PowerShift transmission


    John Deere PowerShift transmission

    Building on the success of the optional 8-speed power shift transmission introduced on John Deere tractors in 1964, the 15-speed PowerShift transmission, as well as mechanical front wheel drive on the 50 series tractor, became options.

  • 16-speed PowrQuad transmission


    The New Breed of Power

    16-speed PowrQuad transmission offered as part of the “New Breed of Power” line, the biggest tractor design change.

  • Autotrac



    Autotrac™, part of the Greenstar precision agriculture management system, provides assisted steering accurate to within 4-inches pass to pass and guided the tractor in a straight line down rows.

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