333G Compact Track Loader on worksite

Compact Track Loaders


The vertical-lift design of our compact track loaders rises high and reaches far for quick and easy loading. With rated operating capacities from 2,125 – 3,700 lbs. (965 – 1680 kg), count on these compact loaders to have the muscle you need.  They also work comfortably in tight spaces and are easy to trailer.

Add one of our compact track loader and skid steer attachments to maximize your versatility in preparing sites and moving landscaping materials such as mulch, rock, and dirt with root rakes, rotary cutters, mulching heads, augers, buckets, blades and levels. Take care of farm chores like hauling hay, cleaning pens, rebedding stalls with our bale huggers, bale spears, silage defacers, material/manure scrapers, grapples, forks, and buckets. With more than 100 attachment models, you’ve got plenty of choices.

Compare Compact Track Loader Models


965 kg (2,125 lb.)

48.5 kW (65 hp)

45.6 kW (61 hp)

3824 kg (8,423 lb.)

3.07 m (121.0 in.)(10 ft. 1 in.)

1930 kg (4,250 lb.)


1176 kg (2,590 lb.)

54.8 kW (74 hp)

52.5 kW (70 hp)

4313 kg (9,500 lb.)

3.20 m (126.1 in.) (10 ft. 6 in.)

2724 kg (6,000 lb.)


1407 kg (3,100 lb.)

68.0 kW (91.2 hp)

66.0 kW (88.5 hp)

5403 kg (11,900 lb.)

3.35 m (132.0 in.)(11 ft. 0 in.)

3450 kg (7,600 lb.)


1680 kg (3,700 lb.)

74.6 kW (100 hp)

72.0 kW (96.6 hp)

5493 kg (12,100 lb.)

3.35 m (132.0 in.)(11 ft. 0 in.)

4200 kg (9,250 lb.)


The anti-vibration undercarriage system for 333G Compact Track Loader features an isolated undercarriage that creates a smoother ride by absorbing shock loads through rubber isolators, a new bogie system, offering smoother transitions over uneven terrain, and the ability to travel at higher speeds with better materials retention.

John Deere 333G SmartGrade compact track loader with futuristic bucket featured.


Engineered to boost accuracy and productivity, the John Deere 333G SmartGrade™ Compact Track Loader (CTL) delivers precise grading performance while limiting material waste and rework. Make the grade with this first compact machine to feature fully integrated 3D grade-control technology.

 mutliple pieces of John Deere large and compact equipment with the text "2-year/2,000-hour Full-Machine Standard Warranty" written above the machines.

Two-Year/2,000-Hour Full-Machine Standard Warranty

Every John Deere machine comes with a level of comfort through our full machine standard warranty. It promises we’ll fix any defects in materials or worksmanship on our compact equipment for two years after delivery or 2,000 hours.*

* As of June 1, 2018, applies to purchases of new John Deere skid steers, compact track loaders, compact excavators, and compact wheel loaders from John Deere or authorized John Deere dealers. Warranty expires two years after the delivery receipt date or after 2,000 machine hours, whichever occurs first. Offer valid at participating dealers only. Some restrictions may apply. See your dealer for complete details.