Close up of a mulching head chopping material.

Cutters, Shredders, & Mulchers

Rotary Cutters

ModelCutting WidthOverall LengthWeightCutting Capacity

RC60B Rotary Cutter

1524 mm (60 in.)

1930 mm (76 in.)

508 kg (1,120 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

RC72B Rotary Cutter

1829 mm (72 in.)

2235 mm (88 in.)

581 kg (1,280 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

RS72 Extreme Duty Rotary Cutter

1829 mm (72 in.)

2174 mm (86 in.)

911 kg (2,008 lb.)

178 mm (7 in.)

RC78B Rotary Cutter

1981 mm (78 in.)

2388 mm (94 in.)

617 kg (1,360 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

Mulching Heads

ModelCutting WidthOverall WidthWeightFlow

MH60C Mulching Head

1524 mm (60 in.)

1880 mm (74 in.)

1118 kg (2,465 lb.)


Rotary Cutter on 333E Compact Track Loader working next to a forest.

About Our Rotary Cutters

Our redesigned direct drivetrain eliminates the gearbox, for improved performance, durability and reliability.  Triple bidirectional blade design of 19.1-mm (0.75 in.)-thick high-grade steel helps to stabilize. New options include highly-visible pressure gauge and under-mounted front steel wheels.

Mulching head on a compact track loader chopping material near a pond.

About Our Mulchers

The MH60C Mulching Head incorporates premium carbide tools for greater impact strength and longer life. A new staggered-tool pattern reduces power draw, while enabling faster cutting. The new two-speed hydraulic motor with faster rotor speed (2,200 rpm) provides 30-percent more torque for cutting through tougher loads with faster drum-speed recovery.

Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

How to Buy

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