A close up of the E-Power logo on Deere’s hybrid-electric E-Drive loader.

Electric Equipment: Helping Our Customers Overcome Their Biggest Challenges

Learn how John Deere is delivering more customer value with less environmental impact.

John Deere 350G LC Excavator loading limestone into an articulated dump truck.

​Grit and Grind

Clements and his business partner Jim Glover started Cypress Gulf in the early 2000s. Two decades after its founding, Cypress Gulf and its affiliated companies have grown to roughly 250 employees. Much like the material it mines, Cypress Gulf has been built upon grit.

A big blue, silver, and black machine with pipes going through it on the back of a trailer with a Jet Stream Sign in the background.

Power Clean with Jetstream

There are few things in this world more satisfying than a good power wash. Whether that be a sidewalk, the siding of a house, or the flooring of a back deck. But what about water-blasting industrial pipes, tanks, or a steel or composite surface like an aircraft carrier?

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