John Deere backhoe loader working on construction site.

Backhoe Loaders


Why run two machines when one will do? Whether you’re loading trucks, busting up blacktop, placing pipe, digging trenches, or moving materials, an L-Series Backhoe is more than up to the task. Building upon our highly productive K-Series Backhoes, the L-Series features additional backhoe lift capability and PCLS hydraulics (on the 310SL, 310SL HL, 410L, and 710L), for superb multifunction performance. The result: our most versatile backhoes ever.

Compare Backhoe Models

ModelNet Peak PowerStandard Dipperstick Dig DepthOperating WeightPowershift™ TransmissionAutoshiftLift Mode

75 kW (100 hp) at 1,600 rpm

4.30 m (14 ft. 1 in.)

6,654 kg (14,669 lb.)


52 kW (69 hp) at 2,100 rpm

4.16 m (13 ft. 8 in.)

6,270 kg (13,822 lb.)


77 kW (103 hp) at 1,600 rpm

4.35 m (14 ft. 3 in.)

7,199 kg (15,872 lb.)

84 kW (113 hp) at 1,900 rpm

4.59 m (15 ft. 1 in.)

7,516 kg (16,571 lb.)

77 kW (103 hp) at 1,600 rpm

4.08 m (13 ft. 5 in.)

7,962 kg (17,554 lb.)


87 kW (116 hp) at 1,900 rpm

4.85 m (15 ft. 11 in)

8,068 kg (17,786 lb.)

110 kW (148 hp) at 2,240 rpm

5.26 m (17 ft. 3 in.)

11,607 kg (25,588 lb.)

Running Strong Into the Future

In 1966 John Deere debuted the JD 310 backhoe. Fifty years later the 310 is a mainstay of the John Deere backhoe lineup.

Backhoes are in our DNA

Here’s a look at five decades of 310 excellence

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    Multifunction introduction

    The versatile 310 Backhoe Loader was introduced to the growing construction equipment market. The new model was built at John Deere Dubuque Works.

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    Customer inspired

    The 310C included front entry and vandal protection. Available mechanical-front-wheel drive with offset driveshaft boosted machine flexibility.

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    Exceeding expectations

    Based on our tracked models, the 310E/310SE’s excavator-style boom delivered consistent control. Smooth metering and raised knee eased loading.

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    Building brawn

    The 310G/310SG were known for balance, smooth control, and powerful breakout forces that made them masters of medium- to heavy-duty applications.

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    Not just talk

    Customer input shaped the 310K/310K EP/310SK, including JDLink™ remote diagnostics that enable dealers to read codes and record performance from offsite.

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    Mulitask masters

    Models, features, and options were added to the 310 lineup to meet customers from large to small contractors and rental yards, in over 70 countries.

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    50 years and counting

    The efficient 310L EP, proven 310L, and 310SL/310SL HL with PCLS hydraulics and lift mode keep loading, lifting, and winning on jobsites worldwide.

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