Gator Utility Vehicles

studio image of TE 4x2 Traditional Gator

The Work Series

The Work Series, our Traditional Gator™ Utility Vehicles, are easy to use, hardworking and provide unmatched productivity. Mid-size and Full-size models are available.

Price starting at: $9,242.00* (CAD).

studio image of XUV825i

Crossover Utility Vehicles

The Gator™ XUV Crossover vehicles offer great off-road performance and the ultimate in work capability. Full-size and mid-size models are available.

Price starting at: $10,581.00* (CAD).

studio image of rsx860i

High-Performance Utility Vehicles

The Gator™ RSX high-performance vehicles are trail ready and hard working with a dumping cargo box capable of light hauling.

Price starting at: $15,989.00* (CAD).

studio image of MGator A1

Military Utility Vehicles

The Gator™ Military vehicles are uniquely designed for military operations. Full-size and mid-size models are available.

studio image of Turf Gator 2020A

Turf Utility Vehicles

The Gator™ Turf Utility Vehicles are engineered for the long haul. Full-size and mid-size models are available.

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Nothing Runs Like The Strong.
Nothing Runs Like A Deere.TM

3 men in gator cab



The latest addition to our full-size Gator™ XUV lineup seats three and offers an optional enclosed cab with heat and A/C to meet Mother Nature head on in all seasons.

gator operator station

Operator Station


Enter a two-person cockpit, slide three across, or carry a four-person team. This is where you’ll find the full-size XUV operator station that’s right for you. The seating and legroom is comfortable whichever model you choose and everything is right where you would want it to be. From the easy-to-view digital display to the intuitive placement of controls right down to the glove box.

Guys unloading cargo box

Cargo Box


All our full-size XUV models feature a durable cargo box with a pickup style tailgate that is familiar and easy to drop down. This cargo box can hold up to 1,000 lb. (454 kg.) with 16.4 cubic feet (.46 cubic meters) of cargo space and over 20 tie-down points to secure things right. Hold even more with optional cargo box extensions or think even bigger by opening up to our optional flatbed mode.

gator going over rough terrain

Performance & Handling


To attack any trail, you’ve got to have four things: A powerful engine. A seriously capable suspension. Brakes that keep you in control. And rock-solid stability (with and without a load in the back). All of our Full-Size XUV models have all four.


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