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5 Tips for Maintaining the Value of Leased Farm Equipment

1. Have your farm equipment serviced regularly, following the service intervals in your manual.

  • Your John Deere dealer can perform any necessary service or repairs, including those covered by your warranty.
  • A Multi-Use Account™ from John Deere Financial offers low financing rates and flexible payment options to make this extra-convenient and budget-friendly.

2. Keep an eye out for normal wear and tear versus excessive wear and tear.

  • Normal wear: Minor scratches or chips in the paint, engine and powertrain in good working condition, operating hours within limits of the lease contract, matching tires, and overall clean condition.
  • Excessive wear: Dents larger than two inches in diameter, scratches eight inches or longer, cracked or missing glass, heavily soiled cab, and any mechanical components not operating normally.

3. Make major repairs before they cause end-of-lease penalties.

  • Necessary repairs may be covered by your insurance policy or warranty.
  • Protect cash flow by financing them prior to lease end with your Multi-Use Account™.

4. Monitor tire tread and undercarriage.

  • Both must have 50% or more of their useful life upon return of the equipment.

5. Store your farm equipment inside.

  • And always operate it carefully following proper safety precautions.

How Taking Care of Leased Equipment Pays Off

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Buying the machine at end of your lease?

BENEFIT: You’re investing in a good, dependable machine that will retain its value.

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Turning in your equipment at end of lease?

BENEFIT: You’ll avoid lease-end penalties.

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Renewing your lease?

BENEFIT: You’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment will keep working hard.

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Ask your dealer about financing options through John Deere Financial to purchase your leased farm equipment.