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Gain an edge with Greenstar ™ Displays and StarFire™ Receivers. In order to take advantage of all the benefits that John Deere Precision Ag can bring to your operation, you’ll want a GS3 2630 Display and the StarFire 3000 Receiver. This hardware will ensure that your operation is using the most advanced technology available to take full advantage of John Deere Precision Ag. 


The GreenStar 3™ 2630 Display


Imagine having ISOBUS capability, to manage variable rate prescriptions, and increase profitability with documentation … All at your fingertips. The GreenStar 3 2630 Display can do all this and more.


Designed for integrated functionality, the GS3 2630 has an easy-to-read 10.4-inch color touch-screen. Three video inputs let you easily monitor the activity outside the cab with externally mounted cameras.


Easily transfer data via USB stick with the USB Data port. Access Manager gives you the ability to lock out specific functions, so they cannot be changed by machine operators. This ensures accurate, consistent operation.


Plus, this user-friendly display allows you to run any of the John Deere precision applications, including:


• AutoTrac

• John Deere Section Control

• AutoTrac RowSense

• iTecTM Pro

• Surface Water Pro Plus

• iGrade

• Implement Guidance


And only John Deere offers you the ability to upgrade all activations from the previous generation display to the new GreenStar 3 2630.


StarFireTM 3000 Receiver


Make the most of every inch of your land. StarFire 3000 Receivers can deliver precision accuracy for tilling, planting, spraying and harvesting.

John Deere makes it easy to select the right receiver and accuracy level that meets your needs. Our StarFire network provides a reliable and accurate differential correctional signal that you can depend on, year after year.


The StarFire 3000 Receiver offers industry exclusives:


Shared Signal – allows two StarFire 3000 Receivers to share correctional signal in dual-receiver applications. The system will use the most accurate signal for its correction.


RTK Extend with SF2 Capability – this allows AutoTrac to keep functioning for up to 15 minutes with RTK accuracy without line-of-sight to the base station. When using StarFire 3000 Receivers, the machine receiver automatically goes to the SF2 signal when RTK Extend expires. This allows operators to take advantage of +/- 2-inch accuracy along tree lines or in hilly terrain. The availability of SF2 provides RTK users with the best available accuracy by lessening the impact of any given field condition. The machine will transition from RTK to RTK Extend, to SF2, and back to RTK without ever disengaging AutoTrac.




Use cropping practices that require the ultimate in accuracy? Then go with RTK. It provides +/- one-inch accuracy and repeatability pass to pass. You can set up your own network, or take advantage of a John Deere dealer-owned RTK network; hundreds of millions of acres are covered and supported by John Deere dealer-owned networks, and because the towers are supported by your local dealer, you can operate with the confidence that someone you know and trust will be there to answer your call when you need help.