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Get More Traction with Zig-Zag Tracks

The new zig-zag tracks being used on John Deere equipment

Looking to get even more traction out of your John Deere Compact Track Loader (CTL) in soft ground, snow, or wet ground conditions? Opt for our zig-zag tracks. These new tracks are available in 320-mm (12.6 in.) width for 319E and 323E CTLs, and 450-mm (17.7 in.) width for 329E and 333E CTLs. Here’s what you need to know about these tracks.


Grab a bite. Zig-zag tracks have more and smaller lugs, delivering more bite into the ground than standard lug-style tracks. The smaller lug size also increases ground pressure and flotation.


Good vibrations. Thanks to the smaller lug nuts, zig-zag tracks roll around the undercarriage more smoothly, causing less vibration and fatigue.


When to use block lug-style tracks. Standard block lug-style tracks present advantages in some applications, for example, in sharp rocks and gravel, where the larger blocks offer better protection against wear. The additional space between the lugs provides more cut resistance to packed debris.


Facts of life. For both the standard block-lug style and optional new zig-zag tracks, application and track tension are the most important determinants of track longevity. Wear life should be similar in dirt applications.