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Product Safety

People who work the land know that when they turn the key on their John Deere machine they're taking on a lot of responsibility. Responsibility for their well-being, as well as those around them. Our customers work hard, and there are risks.


That's why at John Deere, safety is a team effort. Everyone from the engineers who design our products to the workers who assemble them, the dealers who sell them, and the customers who operate them all play a role in product safety.

Product Design

Product DesignAttention to detail. That's where product safety starts. Product safety committees and engineers are involved in product improvement and development. They conduct comprehensive safety reviews and tests on all products.

These product safety committees work closely with our enterprise product safety organization and our customers, who are invited to share their feedback. Projects are coordinated between factories and processes are consistent and effective.


TrainingEven experienced operators need training. That's why we offer simulators for large agricultural, construction, and forestry machines. Recently, we added a grader simulator to a lineup that includes trainers for loaders, combines, excavators, forestry harvesters, and forwarders.

The simulators allow customers to get to know their machines – how they work, how they feel, and how to operate them safely – before taking control of the real things. Learn more about our simulators.

We've also developed a wide variety of training resources – videos, brochures, and guides. There are comprehensive training programs for professional equipment operators, and safety DVDs are delivered with all new lawn and garden tractors.

Industry Leadership & Advocacy

Our commitment to safety goes beyond simply complying with established regulations and extends to a long legacy of shaping industry safety standards.

In 1966 John Deere introduced the first commercially available rollover protective structure, or ROPS, for farm tractors. We initially offered the structure on all current tractor models, and variations have been available ever since. We shared our research on tractor rollovers and protective structures with other manufacturers, and later even made the patents available to other companies at no charge.

Today many of our employees are active leaders in organizations that set standards in areas such as lighting and marking for agricultural equipment, safety of agricultural auto-guidance systems, safety of complex electrical/electronic control systems, safety of chemical application equipment, and reverse implement option on riding lawn equipment.



 DealersEducated operators are safer. It's important for customers to learn about their machines as soon as they can. Luckily, education can begin at the same time and place that equipment is purchased. Operator's manuals are a vital resource and customers should make sure they know theirs. Dealers can provide a variety of safety training resources, and are encouraged to promote safety in their communities through local John Deere safety days.

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Incident Reporting

John Deere constantly works to make our products safer, and you can help. If you have a safety concern about one of our products, or have had an incident while operating a John Deere machine, please report it to your dealer. This information is important to us and can help prevent future incidents.

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