Performance That Pays

Plant for success

Maximizing the full potential of your field means getting every bit of value out of each seed. And to help you reach that potential, John Deere planting solutions provide the kind of next-generation performance you need.

8400R Tractor

If you want performance out of your planting season, you need to head into the field with it. And nothing defines performance more than the 8400R Tractor. The 30 horsepower bump makes for an ideal pairing when pushing the speed with ExactEmerge™ to hit that critical planting window. It empowers your crops to harness the energy of the entire growing season.

And thanks to the e23™ PowerShift Transmission with Efficiency Manager, you can take full advantage of the additional horsepower to put more power to the ground while reducing your fuel costs. Field undulations have you concerned about a comfortable ride at higher planting speeds? Don't sweat. With ActiveSeat™ suspension you'll enjoy enhanced ride quality for a smoother experience from one acre to the next.

Plus, with Active Command Steering, the 8400R adapts accordingly from road to field, matching the effort and responsiveness needed for each condition. There's more. The 85 gpm dual pump capacity lets you match hydraulic demand of your entire planting pass at lower rpm's for better fluid consumption.

ExactEmerge Row Unit

It's hard to make a case for any other planter than ExactEmerge if you're looking for the perfect pairing of superior agronomics and true high-speed planting. Up to 10mph planting speed helps you accomplish more in tight windows. Just don't lose sight of that “up to” part. If full throttle is not your appetite there's still no denying the agronomic marvel of this planter when you take into account the industry-exclusive BrushBelt™ delivery system.

The BrushBelt delivery system showcases precise seed placement for even emergence, accurate plant spacing, and correct plant population. And with a number of crop plates available for use, ExactEmerge can be used for a whole field of growers, including corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, popcorn, sorghum, sunflowers, and sweet corn.

You'll find even greater performance in a couple of additional features: vacuum automation and curve compensation. Vacuum automation lets you set your desired vacuum level the first time and it stays constant throughout the day. Enjoy precise and continuous seed placement without having to check your monitor.

While curve compensation allows each row of your planter to receive a signal based on the speed the row unit is moving, and instructs the meter and brush to start turning at the correct RPM based on the ground speed of the row. With this you can maintain target population on curved rows, from the inside row to the outside row.

Not to be missed is our liquid fertilizer attachment, which allows you to apply liquid fertilizer in the trench as you plant. Deliver as little as three gallons of product or as much as eight gallons per acre. Now this is taking your planter performance to its truest payoff.

Precision Ag

Take your productivity to a higher level with AutoTrac and the all-new StarFire 6000 Receiver paired with a high-precision correction signal. Accurate. Repeatable. And faster than ever. Whether you choose SF3, John Deere Mobile RTK, or radio RTK, you’ll have accurate and repeatable performance every step of the way, with AutoTrac further boosting productivity and reducing inputs.

And for those times of the planting season when you can’t be in the cab personally … well, we have the next best thing. JDLink Connect. It’s the connection between you and your equipment. Manage your operation in real-time without ever leaving your office. Send files straight to John Deere Operations Center, whether that’s field layer comparisons, variable rate prescriptions, or just about any other production information. What’s more, it’s fast and secure to give you next-level efficiency.

In fact, John Deere Operations Center is your hub for all of your performance – in the field and out of it. Know what’s happening in your operation right now, and learn from your performance over time. Engage with the right people and tools to make decisions that save time, optimize yield, and maximize profits in your operation. Turn your plans into action, and adjust as conditions change.

Always on-the-go? Check out the MyOperations™ app for daily summaries, insights on field productivity, and more. Or try the MyAnalyzer™ app to help with decision-making by leveraging historical map layers, as well as planting summary information.

MaxEmerge™ 5e

Perhaps ExactEmerge is not for you. In that case you may want to check out MaxEmerge™ 5e. Why the lowercase ‘e’? It's short for ‘e’lectric. Our latest planter row unit is outfitted with a traditional seed tube, but fueled by a new dynamic electric drive. Plant population and seed spacing accuracy are both improved, allowing for greater curve performance on the outer and inner rows.

The curve improvement can eliminate a potential yield loss of 1-2% that's associated with seed spacing and population inaccuracies. Downtime is lessened, as well, now that we've said goodbye to shafts and drivelines. Maintenance is as simple as ever.

Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce

John Deere planter performance doesn’t get any smoother than when equipped with the new Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce. It will adjust five times per second to make adjustments of 100 pounds in less than a second … you’ll get the depth you need, as well as avoiding sidewall compaction as you transition from one soil zone to another. Additionally, the faster per-row reaction and increased ground contact helps you overcome potential yield drag that can come from uneven emergence.

Pneumatic Row Cleaners

Another key to maximizing your yield is to have proper seed germination. And to that, one crucial area to pay attention to is a clear furrow. Enter pneumatic row cleaners … and exit residue. Our pneumatic row cleaners make light work of heavy crop residue so that your seeds are placed cleanly in any condition. What’s more, they’re easily adjusted to offer a 75% time improvement versus single row cleaner adjustment.

Pneumatic Closing Wheels

Seed-to-soil contact plays as vital a role in plant growth as any component of successful planting. Stands to reason then that a proper closing system – like our pneumatic closing wheels – are a worthwhile investment for achieving even emergence and peak yield. Our pneumatic closing wheels offer up to an additional 70 pounds of downforce applied at the seed trench for optimum seed-to-soil contact, even in harsh conditions.

John Deere Connect Mobile.

With John Deere Connect Mobile, you can use your Apple iPad to monitor, adjust and learn from the performance of your planter or sprayer — row by row or nozzle by nozzle. Connect Mobile lets you easily document and visualize the agronomic and performance data of your John Deere equipment.

SeedStar 3 HP

SeedStar 3 HP Monitoring System lets you see accuracy in real time, with no guesswork. It provides you with improved functionality of your GS3 2630 display. User-friendly layout allows you to view live data without scrolling. You get quick, simple data that you can grasp at-a-glance to keep you on track. Not to mention growers can use it to perform pre-season planter or meter run-offs on the planter. No need to run off meters on test stands.

Retrofit Kits

Not in the market for a new planter? Sounds like one of our planter retrofit options make the most sense for you. ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge 5e Retrofit Kits can turn your current planter into a like-new tool and give you greater productivity without forcing you to upgrade to a new planter.

With the MaxEmerge 5e retrofit kit, you get improved seed tube performance, along with a single electric drive. And the ExactEmerge retrofit kit provides you with the BrushBelt, vacuum meter, redesigned double eliminator, dual electric motors, and more. Available for 2011 or newer 1770NT CCS and 1790 planters, as well as 2012 or newer DB Planters. This is new Performance That Pays on your existing planter.

Research at a major land grant university shows John Deere ExactEmerge outperforms the standard for spacing and emergence, even at planting speeds of 10mph.

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