Performance That Pays

Preparation is the key to success

The best way to grow stronger plants — and a stronger business — is to have a sound preseason plan. John Deere has high-performance pre-plant equipment to ensure your fields are primed for a breakout planting season.

R4038 Sprayer

Ready to clear out those pesky weeds in your field? The R4038 Sprayer hits weeds when they're most vulnerable and gets you from spray to done in less time with boom widths up to 120 feet and a 1,000-gallon tank. Consider adding new ExactApply™ for superior rate control and resistance-fighting precision. Higher pulsing frequency delivers more consistent droplet size from each nozzle at all speed ranges. Need to manage your chemical risks? No problem. Direct Injection allows you to mix products on-the-go to greatly reduce the complexity and rinsing time of chemical residue.

And here's how you can get more bang out of your booms: BoomTrac™ Pro. Auto boom height-sensing system raises application accuracy and efficiency by maintaining a more consistent boom height above your crop, maximizing on target coverage. And there's nothing like John Deere Section Control to minimize skips and overlaps to decrease product waste so you're spraying only what needs to be sprayed.

But technology doesn't end there. Try John Deere Mobile Weather to truly be ahead of the game. It uses a sensor display to document real-time weather on the GreenStar 2630 Display, including wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, and other important information for spraying. Not to mention it's easily accomplished from a convenient hand-held device so you don't have to climb out of your cab.

2410C Nutrient Applicator

There are a number of ways to apply your anhydrous. Here's one of the better ways to go about it: the 2410C Nutrient Applicator. With the 2410C, you get up to 62.5 feet in width for next-level performance. During post-harvest, you can run virtually plug-free. Or pre-plant, take full advantage of the 10mph operating speed to enable spring application that conserves nitrogen on sensitive fields. Even at faster operating speeds, your nitrogen is precisely placed and sealed to boost your yield potential.

Experience next level control with GreenStar™ Rate Controller. It works with your GreenStar 3 2630 Display to control application rates with your 2410C and assist with map-based prescriptions – capture where you applied products, when, and at what rate. The 2410C ensures accurate depth control, as well, thanks to AccuDepth™. Enjoy exact nutrient placement with adjustments that can be made on-the-go to increase your productivity and make your day a little simpler.

2510H High-Speed Applicator

Like we said, we offer a number of ways to apply anhydrous and here’s another – the new 16-row 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment. So what’s the benefit of this tool? It’s perfect for banding P and K at the same time as you apply your anhydrous. One high-speed pass is all you need to apply your N,P, and K. Not to mention that jumping up in size to a 16-row unit decreases the passes needed to complete the job. Of greater note, it uses a banding application to place fertilizer precisely where plants can more efficiently use it. That’s a recipe for maximum plant uptake, early growth, and higher yields.

And that’s not just our word: Studies from Ohio State and Purdue Universities have shown you can use less fertilizer to achieve the same or higher yields when nutrients are applied at the right time and in the right place. Plus, the low soil disturbance row unit of the 2510H and Dry Attachment is designed to handle high-residue levels without plugging. You can also sidedress with minimal soil disturbance without damaging plants. In total the 2510H and Dry Attachment is one fully integrated solution to make the most of your pre-plant opportunities.

9620RX Tractor

When it’s time to create the ideal seedbed, head to the field with purpose. And nothing says performance and efficiency like the 9620RX Tractor. By simply being in the cab you’ll feel confident, but feel little else. That’s because the unique cab suspension isolates the cab from the constant jarring of harsh field conditions. Confidence is bolstered by the improved flotation of the innovative 4-track design that allows for timely seedbed prep and on-time planting that preserves yield.

620 engine horsepower offers plenty of pull to run with command through the field. You’ll appreciate the better grip in hard, clay soil with less berming and reduced compaction. Add to that the impressive e18™ PowerShift Transmission with Efficiency Manager that’s always ready for a tough tillage chore. Designed to automatically shift up and throttle back, it reduces total fluid consumption and maintains optimum power, even in tough conditions.

2230FH Field Cultivator

We know your top priority before taking your planter into the field. You want a smooth, level, consistent seedbed. You're in luck. The 2230 Field Cultivator was redesigned with a new frame providing true 6-inch split-the-middle shank spacing and up to 10mph working speeds. Not only does it allow for even and consistent residue flow, but a real productivity boost to match.

And to achieve a smooth, level seedbed after just one pass, look to the ProFinish™ Leveling System with six different rear harrow options to get the field finish you demand. Hydraulically adjustable rolling baskets are available in either flat or round bar. They allow you to easily raise, lower, or float the baskets as field conditions change – all straight from the comfort of your cab.


Few in-cab adjustments have been as simple as this. TruSet™ technology lets you make quick on-the-go depth and down pressure adjustments in only six seconds for the desired field finish and to cover more acres per day. Now you can work smarter and get more productivity in the short spring tillage window.

For integrated precision ag functionality, TruSet now enables tillage Documentation and Prescription capabilities. With TruSet, you can run a tillage prescription to optimize your implement for different field zones and types of soil as well as adjust on-the-go for changing conditions. Integrated TruSet technology helps you achieve the best possible seedbed throughout the field all day long.

2330 Mulch Finisher

Performance in heavy residue takes more than just level. It takes the next level. Meet the new 2330 Mulch Finisher. It's been fully redesigned to deliver aggressive cutting action to size up to 80% residue in your fields and help deliver the planter-ready seedbed you need for enhanced seed placement and germination.

Redesigned from below the ground up, our new 2330 Mulch Finishers deliver a smooth, level finish on the surface. But look what happens under the surface. Here, you can see the disks and sweeps slicing, mixing and conditioning the soil to produce an even, uniform field finish below the surface, too. It's the perfect environment for your new seeds to take root and thrive.

Compared to our previous model, the new 2330 Mulch Finisher can help you cover more ground every day. Up to 127 more acres a day. And up to 22% wider machines. Starting at 21 ft. 9 in. and extending up to 56 ft., you have a wide range of working widths to help create the planter-ready seedbeds you want. And when you combine these choices with the 10-mph, working speeds, you'll cover more ground per pass and more acres per day.

For integrated precision ag functionality, TruSet now enables tillage Documentation and Prescription capabilities. With TruSet, you can run a tillage prescription to optimize your implement for different field zones and types of soil as well as adjust on-the-go for changing conditions. Integrated TruSet technology helps you achieve the best possible seedbed throughout the field all day long.

Hopefully you've upped your yields this year. If so, then you also have more residue. Amy Runkel is here to tell you how to manage high and variable amounts of residue through your tillage practice.

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