Performance That Pays

Protect your potential

With each new challenge faced throughout the growing cycle, we’ve got equipment ready to protect and treat your crop all season long. It’s products like these that you can count on to nurture your yield, and your bottom line.

2510H Nutrient Applicator

There’s no better place to start than the beginning, right? Let’s take a look at what young plants need to get a boost right out of the gate.

Whether you prefer to apply dry, gas or liquid fertilizer, matching fertilizer applications with crop nutrient uptake can make the most of your nutrient use efficiency and crop yield. Our 2510H Nutrient Applicator with its low-disturbance, high-clearance toolbar is the perfect tool for side-dressing with anhydrous ammonia right after planting up to 30-in. (762 mm) tall corn.

The single-disk opener design has a lower draft requirement, allowing you to move faster and cover up to 59 acres an hour, and the 22-in. blade is angled 4 degrees, producing a narrow slot for the anhydrous application. It’s the forethought of this design that helps you save on input costs and reduces soil and residue disturbances in highly erodible land areas and when using no-till/min-till practices.

2510L Nutrient Applicator

The 2510L Nutrient Applicator offers a total of 19 spacing and row combinations, letting you customize your machine to your specific operation, and making it one of your best bets for side-dressing throughout the grow cycle. To help minimize crop damage, we included features like the hydraulic wing back to keep from dipping into the crop and damaging on turns, a single reach tongue that provides a sharper turn radius and improved tractor-to-implement tracking, and increased frame clearance for better maneuverability in the field.

And with the 2510L, you’ll experience a fully integrated system with GreenStar™ Rate Controller, GreenStar 3 2630 Display and John Deere Section Control so you can take control of your input costs and have access to field documentation, map-based prescriptions and application precision with minimal overlap and crop burn.

ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System

As your crop continues to grow, so does the threat of weeds and disease. You need performance that delivers protection at the right rate, at the right time. Our ExactApply nozzle control system features a hybrid design combining 30 hertz of pulse-width modulation (PWM) with exclusive individual A-B nozzle control. But what does this mean for you? Competitive PWM systems only offer 10 hertz of PWM, so with 3X the pulsing frequency you’ll be able to cover more ground with better precision at all speed ranges. And the industry-exclusive individual A-B nozzle control arranges six nozzles of your choice in pairs.

By offering automatic nozzle switching, you’ll be able to switch between nozzle pairs when conditions change, putting you in total control of your droplets. The built-in Turn Compensation feature automatically varies the application rate across the entire boom, reducing both your input costs and the risk of crop burn.

The features don’t end there. We’ve incorporated LED lighting on each nozzle so you can inspect your spray pattern even in low-light conditions. And if a nozzle gets clogged, the nozzle plug detection feature alerts you as to which nozzle needs attention.

With ExactApply nozzle control system, you’ll deliver the right drops to the right crops.

Carbon Fiber Boom

Go beyond steel to the next frontier of boom sprayers. Introducing our carbon fiber booms. Designed to meet your need for a lighter, more productive sprayer, carbon fiber delivers higher productivity with a lower boom wing weight. Available in 120- and 132-ft. widths, this boom is the perfect solution whether you’re working row crops, small grains or specialty crops.

As weed resistance becomes more of an issue, you might find yourself making more passes through the field, both pre- and post emerge.

Carbon fiber is significantly lighter weight than traditional steel booms, reducing boom wing weight by 39% and 35% (with the 120- and 132-ft. booms, respectively). This weight reduction serves to save your soil and sustain your yield. What’s more is that the front-to-rear machine weight balance is improved by 6%, improving in-field performance and allowing you to cover more acres.

And speaking of increasing productivity, the 132-ft. boom touts 8% more acres covered per day. This is crucial during those tight application windows when you need to cover as much ground as possible.

So why did we choose carbon fiber? The material itself is pretty remarkable. Incredibly strong and durable, it’s also easy to clean and corrosion resistant. We’ve removed 80% of painted steel, increasing the corrosion resistance in areas that are susceptible to contact with corrosive agents. Overall, carbon fiber is your answer when looking for a high-functioning, low-maintenance material.

CommandView III Cab Enhancements

When you’re “in the field,” chances are that you’re “in the cab.” So you need it to fit the way you work. The updates to the CommandView III cab do just that. By incorporating the 4600 CommandCenter™ display, you’ll have the ability to efficiently capture, manage and transfer data. And we redesigned the CommandARM and multi-function handle to offer reconfigurable buttons. When you put these enhancements to work, you’ll reap the benefits of a fully connected system – more flexibility, easier to use and a workspace truly customized to fit how you work.

AutoTrac™ Vision

This industry-exclusive guidance solution mounts a camera to the front frame of the machine to clearly see early-season corn, soybeans and cotton at least 4-6 in. high. Approved for use in all 4 Series sprayers, AutoTrac Vision detects the location of the crop in the row and then signals AutoTrac to steer precisely between the rows. And when you spray on target, you save on time. Increasing sprayer speeds from 14-18 mph (22.5 – 29 km/h) means you’ll cover more than 20% more acres every day. Perfect for operators of all levels.

AutoTrac™ RowSense

Take the guesswork out of late-season application with AutoTrac RowSense. This guidance system utilizes a paddle mounted to the front wheel of your sprayer to feel mature corn stalks in late-season rows. Currently tested and approved on straight 30-in. corn rows, the paddle feels its way down the row and uses input adjust signals to steer the wheels accordingly. And just like it’s early-season counterpart in AutoTrac Vision, AutoTrac RowSense enables you to spray faster, increasing sprayer speed from 14-18 mph (22.5 – 29 km/h) so you cover more than 20% more acres every day.

Working with Hagie

Founded in 1947, Hagie Manufacturing specializes in providing the market with new solutions for evolving farming needs. Having developed the first self-propelled sprayer, front-mounted boom and high-clearance nitrogen toolbar, they’re proven pioneers of the application industry. Their products provide full season capabilities, so you’re able to keep nutrients flowing throughout the growing cycle. For example, their Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) enables you to make application decisions later in the season based on growing conditions.

Not only does this help in “rescue” situations, but it also helps increase nitrogen efficiency since rate decisions can be made at any point. This ensures that nutrients are applied when the plant needs them the most. And with some of the largest tank sizes in the market, you’ll only need to fill up once to spray an entire field.

John Deere is proud to work with these industry innovators to offer you an extensive portfolio of products and services to fit your operational needs. With our AutoTrac™/GreenStar™ field conversion kits, you’ll gain access to our Precision Ag technology on Hagie sprayers. Used in conjunction with a StarFire™ 3000 or 6000 receiver, John Deere Rate Controller 2000, and GreenStar 3 2630 display, you can enable documentation, guidance, and rate and section control. By working together, we can deliver the same world-class dealer support, service and warranty to a broader portfolio of products, ensuring your needs are met every step of the way.

Leader Dry Spinner Spreaders

Sure, John Deere offers technological solutions that work hard behind-the-scenes to deliver crucial data to your operation. But what exactly does that mean? How can you use that data? Take a look at JDLink™ Connect and the John Deere Operations Center. With these systems, you have the ability to share collected data with trusted advisors to receive additional insights, like variable rate prescriptions.

This is helpful when you have time to plan, but we know having these insights at your fingertips can be key when making decisions in the field. That’s where our mobile apps come in handy. The MyOperations™ App connects you to in-cab displays and provides field productivity information, weather and fuel level data. Or try our MyAnalyzer™ App for access to documented map layers and farm summaries in the field and on the go. This app is great for your agronomist to easily see your data and make recommendations. The new Connect Mobile App lets you make real-time decisions that make a difference while you’re spraying. This iPad app delivers a nozzle-by-nozzle level of detail, in addition to as-applied rate, rate deviation and ground speed.

Leader Dry Spinner Spreaders

Turn your 4 Series Sprayer into a 3-season applicator with a DN456 or DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader. Conversion takes four hours or less. With a capacity up to 300-cubic-feet, you can hold up to 10 tons of fertilizer to make quick work of large fields. Spread from 75 pounds-per-acre up to 3 tons-per-acre, with spread widths up to 105-foot wide – that’s 25- to 50-percent wider than leading competitors, so you can cover more acres per day. The two-bin MultApplier features two independent conveyors to simultaneously apply two products at predetermined or variable rates, reducing the time spent in the field, soil compaction, and fuel.

Adding automatic boom-section control delivers savings between 2% and 12%