Precision Ag Technology

From planning to harvest, John Deere seamlessly connects people, equipment, and insights to give you an advantage.

John Deere Operations Center

“Anybody that we partner with, if they have questions, they don't have to call me. They can go log in and it's there. And it's effortless.”

Frank Lussetto
Broadwater, Nebraska

The farming productivity of tomorrow, is at your fingertips today.

Operations Center lets you collect, access, analyze, and share data…on your computer, tablet, or phone ...from your office, truck, or fields. One look tells you where all your equipment and people are. You can route the right people to the right place to do the right job, and ensure they have the tools and fuel they need. You can even view your machine's displays remotely. Collect data across the full growing season, and use it to make better decisions. It's like Air Traffic Control for your farm operation.

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John Deere Guidance

"We run a lot of irregular shaped fields with a lot of terraces and a lot of waterways. We run two in the same field at the same time and without coverage map sharing that would be nearly impossible."

Mike Pellet
Test Cooperator/Dealer

A straight path to your bottom line.

Studies show that GPS-based guidance can reduce input costs by 10% in planting and fertilizing. Add automated section control (which turns planter sections and spray boom sections off and on automatically), and you'll save 20% or more. Altogether, it can pay for itself in two years or less. Factor in how much more relaxed you'll be at the end of a hands-free day, and there's only one question remaining: Why aren't you using AutoTrac?

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Variable-rate Application

"With Section Command, you have picture perfect fields...and you start talking about 4% savings, over the amount of acres we farm, that turns into real dollars."

John Proulx
Crookston, Minnesota

Don't Leave Yield in the Field

As input costs continue to increase, minimizing passes through the field and reducing overlap is more important than ever. John Deere makes it easy to vary seed and fertilizer rates automatically based on field types and conditions, or to set up management zones to test rates or hybrids. That can save time, fuel, and money, as well as improving yield.

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Remote Management

"Something that would've taken my dealer an hour to get there, took us a couple of minutes to fix...and I was back spraying."

Johnny Verell
Jackson, Tennessee

Remote but Still in Control

With John Deere's remote support tools, real-time information is as close as your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. You can view your operator's screen to see how the machine is set and how it's performing. Or, with your permission, your dealer can retrieve diagnostic codes remotely, potentially saving a trip to the field.

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We design and build our own technology solutions.

There's certainly an impressive list of reasons to invest in precision technology…but one of the best reasons is the long line of people who stand beside every product. We encourage you to visit your John Deere dealer today.

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