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Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned sign at a John Deere dealer with blue sky in the background


A brand new way of looking at used…

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a used tractor, combine or self-propelled sprayer, this is the ideal time. Besides the impressive fuel economy, comfort, convenience and technology found in all John Deere machines, the value that comes with purchasing a John Deere Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) machine is hard to ignore.

Every Certified Pre-Owned Tractor, Combine and now Self-Propelled Sprayer is covered by a comprehensive PowerGard™ plan, giving you the coverage benefits of new with the extra value of pre-owned. Right now, no one else offers a low-hour machine that’s been field tested, inspected and certified on over 170 points for tractors and 200 points on combines and sprayers. Add to that a free one-year JDLink™ Connect subscription, and a John Deere Certified Pre-Owned tractor or combine deserves even more of your attention.

What machines qualify for the Certified Pre-Owned program?

  • 7R, 8R/8RT Series Tractors and 4WD wheel and track Tractors three years old or newer with less than 1500 engine hours
  • S-Series Combines two years old or newer with less than 1000 engine hours
  • 4630, 4730, 4830, 4940, R4030, R4038, and R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayers up to two years old with 1000 engine hours or less
  • Passed full John Deere Certified Pre-Owned Inspection
  • Passed total fluid scan analysis
  • Service completed by a John Deere Technician with Genuine John Deere parts
  • Search MachineFinder to find your John Deere Certified Tractor or Combine

Tractor Inspection

Man inspecting a pre-owned tractor's tires

7R, 8R/8RT and 4WD Tractor CPO Inspection Points include:


  • Percentage remaining inspection
  • Overall tire condition inspection


  • Oil level check
  • Engine oil and filter check
  • Air filter check
  • Turbo inspection
  • Exhaust system check
  • Head gasket inspection

Cooling System

  • Front cooling module /open
  • coolers and clean straighten any bent cooling fins
  • Radiator cap 2 years/replacement
  • Air filter check
  • Coolant level/check

Fuel System

  • Lines and injectors check
  • Fuel tank Vent Clean-750 Hours
  • Fuel tank/sump 250 Hour-Drain

Electrical System

  • Battery check
  • Battery cables/ends check
  • Starter operation check
  • Neutral start system check
  • Check starter terminal guard

Power Train

  • Oil level check
  • Transmission operation check
  • PST Accumulator check
  • System operating pressure test


  • Steering operation check
  • Steering valve check
  • Steering motor inspection
  • Tie rod and drag link ends

Operator's Stations

  • Seat belt inspection
  • Seat operation
  • Cab body inspection
  • Cab body mounting inspection

Hitch and Hydraulic Systems

  • Main pump standby pressure test
  • Hydraulic pump flow test from SCV
  • Draft link support bushing


  • Inspect drawbar and support
  • Aux drive belt tensioner inspection
  • Aux drive belt condition inspection

Combine Inspection

Certified Pre-Owned sign inside a John Deere combine

S-series Combine CPO Inspection Points include:


  • Percentage remaining inspection
  • Overall tire condition inspection

Control System

  • Fluid test
  • Record, clear all stored codes
  • Update all new software

FeederHouse Area

  • Safety shields
  • Feeder house drive chain, sprockets, idlers, guides chain
  • Slip clutch
  • Reverser/header drive spline, shaft, hoses, couplers, wiring

Feed Accelerator (Fast)

  • Drive belt
  • Tension arm, spring, idler
  • Serrated wear strips
  • Smooth wear strips<

Combine Left Side

  • Safety shields
  • Batteries/cables, connections, fluid level
  • Electric clutch, brush module
  • Primary countershaft 90º gear case

Combine Right Side

  • Safety shields
  • Batteries - cables, connections and fluid level
  • Gull wings and air cylinders

Engine Compartment

  • Ladder
  • Rotary screen and belt
  • Vac fan drive belt and idlers
  • Aftercooler and fins
  • Check oil cooler

Grain Tank section

  • Bin extensions and tank
  • Check operation of folding covers if equipped
  • Calibrate unloading auger engagement


  • Cab ladder
  • Cab roof
  • Mirrors
  • Cab air filters - pre-cleaner, air filter and recirculating filter


  • Feederhouse safety stop
  • Lights - all outside lights and functions dome light, warning lights and buzzers
  • Ladder safety chains

Sprayer Inspection

Image of sprayer spraying field

Sprayer Inspection Points include:


  • Oil level check
  • Engine oil and filter check
  • Air filter check
  • Turbo inspection
  • Head gasket inspection

Cooling System

  • Radiator pressure check
  • Water pump weep hole inspection
  • Check thermostats

Fuel system

  • Lines and injectors check
  • Fuel tank/sump 250-hour drain
  • Clean/replace fuel strainers

Electrical system

  • Battery check
  • Battery cables/ends check
  • Starter operation check
  • Neutral start system check

Hydraulic/hydrostatic system

  • Oil level check
  • Oil reservoir/cooler check
  • Steering operation check
  • Brake inspection


  • Boom functions/ valves/cylinders inspection
  • Switch and sensor check
  • Boom plumbing inspection

Solution System

  • Check/replace straps and fittings
  • Inspect boom section shut off valves
  • Check suction strainers
  • Clean/replace nozzle bodies, strainers

Foam Marker System

  • Check foam tanks and hoses
  • Inspect electrical harness and fuses
  • Check foamer control box filters, clean screens


Comprehensive PowerGuard™ Protection Plan

You may not be the first owner, but you can still have peace of mind. Every John Deere Certified Pre-Owned Machine is sold with a one-year Comprehensive PowerGard Protection Plan* that covers all the main components including engine, transmission, final drives, hubs, steering components, electronics, hydraulics, cab, and air conditioning.

*See the PowerGard Protection Plan contract for all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.