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We recognize the importance of biofuels to our customers and to the environment. Use of quality biodiesel in John Deere diesel engines has economic and environmental benefits, boosts development in rural areas, and helps provide energy security. Other advantages of quality biodiesel include improved lubricity, reduced sulfur emissions, and reduced aromatics. Biodiesel has a high cetane content for faster ignition. It also produces less visible smoke and lowers the amount of particulate matter, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions produced by an engine.

A closer look at biodiesel

Follow the link to take a closer look at biodiesel

Biodiesel is a renewable, oxygenated fuel made from a variety of agricultural resources such as soybeans or rapeseeds.

    Explore Biodiesel
    Follow the link to learn more about using biodiesel in John Deere engines

    Using biodiesel in John Deere engines

    All John Deere engines can use biodiesel blends. B5 blends are preferred, but concentrations up to 20 percent (B20) can be used.

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      Follow the link to learn what every biodiesel user needs to know

      What every biodiesel user needs to know.

      Learn about the benefits as well as the cautions of using biodiesel.

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