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  • Stay informed on machine location and hours and track and analyze machine and fuel usage.
  • Protect your assets with geofence and curfew alerts.
  • Keep your equipment running with maintenance tracking, preventive maintenance plans, Remote Display Access™ and Service ADVISOR™ Remote.
  • Send setup, prescription and documentation files to your operators in the field with Wireless Data Transfer.
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    Man accesses JDLink on his mobile device


    Take your operation to the next level of productivity and efficiency without leaving the office. Manage your operation in real-time without being in the cab. With JDLink, you can boost profits and increase uptime with machine information accessible from your office or other mobile device through Operations Center. Locate machines on the go with the JDLink app for iOS or Android devices. No need to start up your desktop, launching the app only takes a few seconds.


    JDLink Connect works by combining a controller (MTG) that includes cellular communication and GPS antennas. Machine data is collected by the controller and wirelessly transferred to a data server, where it’s made available via the JDLink website.


    An optional satellite modem is available for areas where cellular signals are not available or reliable. JDLink will still connect via cellular connection unless a connection cannot be established. Then JDLink will switch over to satellite mode.


    For JDLink Express and JDLink Locate, a universal telematics gateway (UTG) tracks and monitors a broad array of assets, including powered and non-powered assets. These could be used with John Deere and mixed equipment fleets.


    There are three levels of JDLink subscriptions:

    • JDLink Connect provides the most information to enhance management. Sending documentation from the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display, Location History, remote diagnostics, machine performance, and efficiency metrics can only be found with this offering.
    • JDLink Express focuses on some of the key information that is required for daily operation like location, engine hour usage, and alerts for unexpected movement of powered equipment or asset outside of normal working hours and boundaries. JDLink Express also allows you to proactively manage equipment maintenance and repair.
    • JDLink Locate allows the user to keep an eye on assets or equipment (both powered and non-powered) that could be easily misplaced during daily operation. A battery powered device reports location of the equipment or asset twice a day.


    The JDLink App is available through iTunes® and Google Play Stores.





    Your local John Deere dealer is the best resource for support of your John Deere equipment.

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    View a list of all technical publications for this product. Some Operator's Manuals are available for viewing in electronic format.

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    Look up parts quickly and easily using the John Deere Parts Catalog.

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    We strive to ensure that John Deere products are of exceptional quality. Safety is our top priority.

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    The Download Center is an Online Repository that allows you to quickly locate the documents to help support your needs, including User Manuals, Release Notes, and more.

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    Roadside Mowing

    JDLink™ is roadside mowing fleet security.


    What makes it so secure?

    Blaring sirens and alarms. 
    If there's any unauthorized use of your equipment, you'll hear about it loud and clear — thanks to automatic notifications sent directly to your computer or mobile device.

    A well guarded perimeter.
    With built-in geofencing, you keep your equipment right where you want it.

    A finger on the pulse of every machine.
    24/7/365 monitoring of hours of usage makes scheduling maintenance easy.

    24/7 location precision.
    There's no place on earth where your equipment can be hidden — GPS location tracking makes finding the exact location a snap. Or in this case, a click.

    Don't just feel better. Work better.
    Ever wanted to take the guesswork out of scheduling and routing? Track hours of operation? Or keep equipment offline between 9PM and 6:30 AM? It's all possible — and better yet, practical, thanks to an intuitive, fully featured website.

    All of which makes JDLink the key to a more secure, more efficient fleet.

    Parts and service when you need it.
    All John Deere equipment is backed by our nationwide network of local dealers, is supported by factory trained technicians and offers a parts network that runs like clockwork.

    Contract-ready leasing options.
    For budget security, John Deere provides flexible leasing and procurement options. That includes a Non-Appropriation of Funds Clause on all John Deere Government leases. This clause ensures that if your funding is pulled for any reason your lease will be cancelled without penalty.

    Make your fleet more secure.
    Find out more about how we can help you safeguard your fleet. Get your own JDLink demonstration. Just visit your local dealer today. All John Deere dealers speak with our voice when it comes to demonstrations, quotes and government contracts.

    The object is security.


    180 Days No-Payments/No-Interest (NPNI) followed by 19.75% APR²†

    180 Days No-Payments/No-Interest (NPNI) followed by 19.75% APR ²† on John Deere Ag Management Solutions. †For complete details regarding this offer, please select the corresponding link.

    03 August 2016 - 28 October 2016

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