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/Articulated Dump Trucks

Articulated Dump Trucks

  • Follow the link to the 260E page

    Below 35 Ton

    Smaller frame. Big-time productivity.

    • Follow the link to the 370E page

      Over 35 Ton

      Exceed your expectations.


      GoHaul app icon

      Essential Information at Your Fingertips with the GoHaul App
      Get answers to your key E-Series ADT questions with the new John Deere GoHaul application. From daily service tasks to operator safety, the app will help you get the most out of your equipment.

      GoHaul includes the following features:


      • Machine walk around for daily service items, including how to access front-grille service items, fan, cooling package, coolant recovery bottle, greasing, etc.
      • Key productivity features
      • Key safety features to protect both the operator and truck
      • Instructions on how to enable these important features


      Download the GoHaul app for Android

      Download the GoHaul app for iPhone

      Quick Machine Specs

      View infographic in detail

      Get all the essential E-Series specs in visual form.


      View infographic in detail (English)


      Deere technician working on a machine

      Ultimate Uptime is designed to improve your profitability by maximizing productivity and uptime while lowering operating costs.

      Learn more about Ultimate Uptime