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E-Cut™ Hybrid Walk Greens Mowers

Excellence by design:

  • Follow the link to view a video about the Unmatched Performance of John Deere mowers

    Unmatched Performance

    Mow over undulations and through contours with ground-hugging closeness.

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  • Click here to watch a video about mower attachments that increase cut quality

    Ultimate Cut Quality

    For a smoother, more even finish, equip your greens mower with optional brushes and a greens tender conditioner.

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  • Click here to learn more about maintaining your John Deere mower

    Simple To Maintain

    Adjust the height of cut with only a cordless drill thanks to our Speed Link system.

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You've never seen a greens mower follow undulations like this

With a unique ball-joint design, our E-Cut Hybrid walk greens mowers take contour-following to new extremes.  The industry-exclusive ball-joint design combined with the E-Cut Hybrid electric-reel-drive technology allows for maximum movement of the cutting unit in following contours. And the cutting unit's range of motion can be adjusted to meet the most demanding conditions. 

Worker uses walk behind mower on a golf course fairway Full contouring head
Together, the ball-joint design and electric reel drive system enable best-in-class contour following. The electric reels eliminate the need for hard linkages to the reel drive system in order to power the reels, allowing maximum movement.
Close-up of exclusive ball-joint design Exclusive ball-joint design
Features an exclusive ball-joint mounting system for contour following in all directions - fore/aft, laterally side-to-side and 6 degrees of steering right and left.

Close-up of a motor unit Consistent frequency of clip
Driven by an alternator, instead of hydraulics, these reels spin consistently at an ideal 2200 rpm, even when the mower is climbing or the engine is under increased load.
Close-up of limit chains Adjustable Contouring
Limit chains on each side of the cutting unit control how much the cutting unit contours while mowing, while also controlling the amount of rear roller drop when the unit is lifted for turns.

Close-up of dials that control frequency of clip Adjustable frequency of clip
A simple dial changes the frequency of clip, so you can tailor greens speed on each hole.
Power drill being used to adjust cutting height Quick Adjust cutting unit
Just use a power drill to simultaneously adjust height on both sides of the QA5 - 22-in. cutting unit, available in a 7 or 11-blade configuration.

Worker checks the grass catcher Superior grass collection
Grass catchers are designed to stay with the cutting unit, not the traction unit, for optimum grass catching while maintaining a consistent height of cut.
Side view of a walk behind mower Straighter tracking
A chain drive on both sides of the rear drum provides equal power to both rollers, resulting in the straightest possible tracking.

Close-up of a motor unit On-board backlapping
Motor can run reels in reverse eliminating the need to remove the reel or attach a separate motor.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.