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Locate your engine family number in the list below. The following certificates will provide you with the EPA emissions regulations which can be used to locally register your engine. You will find your engine family number on the emissions label.

CJDXN09.0136 JDX-MCI-12-16
CJDXN09.0133 JDX-MCI-12-17
CJDXN13.5134 JDX-MCI-12-18
CJDXN09.0135 JDX-MCI-12-15
CJDXN06.8068 JDX-MCI-12-06
CJDXN06.8122 JDX-MCI-12-08
CJDXN04.5118 JDX-MCI-12-07
CJDXN06.8069 JDX-MCI-12-03
CJDXN13.5124 JDX-MCI-12-12
CJDXN13.5129 JDX-MCI-12-14
CJDXN13.5127 JDX-MCI-12-13
CJDXN09.0126 JDX-MCI-12-11
CJDXN09.0123 JDX-MCI-12-10
CJDXN06.8109 JDX-MCI-12-05
CJDXN06.8125 JDX-MCI-12-09
CJDXN06.8108 JDX-MCI-12-04
CJDXN06.8085 JDX-MCI-12-02
CJDXN04.5089 JDX-MCI-12-01
CJDXN13.5137 JDX-MCI-12-20
CJDXN13.5138 JDX-MCI-12-21
CJDXN09.0128 JDX-MCI-12-19