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Locate your engine family number in the list below. The following certificates will provide you with the CARB and EPA emissions regulations which can be used to locally register your engine. You will find your engine family number on the emissions label.

Flex Families N/A U-R-004-0439
BJDXL09.0202 JDX-NRCI-11-01 U-R-004-0407-1
BJDXL02.4074 JDX-NRCI-11-02 U-R-004-0412
BJDXL02.9050 JDX-NRCI-11-03 U-R-004-0410
BJDXL03.0203 JDX-NRCI-11-04 U-R-004-0419
BJDXL03.0208 JDX-NRCI-11-05 U-R-004-0421
BJDXL02.9209 JDX-NRCI-11-06 U-R-004-0414
BJDXL06.8204 JDX-NRCI-11-07 U-R-004-0408
BJDXL03.0113 JDX-NRCI-11-08 U-R-004-0418
BJDXL04.5107 JDX-NRCI-11-09 U-R-004-0422
BJDXL04.5111 JDX-NRCI-11-10 U-R-004-0409
BJDXL04.5112 JDX-NRCI-11-11 U-R-004-0423
BJDXL06.8101 JDX-NRCI-11-12 U-R-004-0427
BJDXL06.8104 JDX-NRCI-11-13 U-R-004-0428
BJDXL06.8105 JDX-NRCI-11-14 U-R-004-0429
BJDXL06.8106 JDX-NRCI-11-15 U-R-004-0430
BJDXL06.8115 JDX-NRCI-11-16 U-R-004-0431-2
BJDXL06.8116 JDX-NRCI-11-17 U-R-004-0432
BJDXL06.8117 JDX-NRCI-11-18 U-R-004-0433
BJDXL09.0102 JDX-NRCI-11-19 U-R-004-0434
BJDXL13.5103 JDX-NRCI-11-20 N/A
BJDXL02.4207 JDX-NRCI-11-21 U-R-004-0411
BJDXL02.9088 JDX-NRCI-11-22 U-R-004-0413
BJDXL03.0063 JDX-NRCI-11-23 U-R-004-0417
BJDXL03.0064 JDX-NRCI-11-24 U-R-004-0424
BJDXL03.0206 JDX-NRCI-11-25 U-R-004-0420
BJDXL06.8078 JDX-NRCI-11-26 U-R-004-0425
BJDXL06.8082 JDX-NRCI-11-27 U-R-004-0426
BJDXL04.5130 JDX-NRCI-11-28 U-R-004-0438
BJDXL06.8120 JDX-NRCI-11-29 N/A
BJDXL06.8131 JDX-NRCI-11-30 N/A
BJDXL09.0114 JDX-NRCI-11-31 N/A
BJDXL13.5132 JDX-NRCI-11-32 N/A
BJDXL02.9139 BJDXL02.9139-001 U-R-004-0437
BJDXL13.5201 BJDXL13.5201-002 U-R-004-0440
BJDXL04.5144 BJDXL04.5144-003 U-R-004-0458-1