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Locate your engine family number in the list below. The following certificates will provide you with the CARB and EPA emissions regulations which can be used to locally register your engine. You will find your engine family number on the emissions label.

EJDXL02.4074 EJDXL02.4074-017 N/A
EJDXL02.4215 EJDXL02.4215-007 N/A
EJDXL02.9121 EJDXL02.9121-008 N/A
EJDXL02.9216 EJDXL02.9216-005 N/A
EJDXL02.9217 EJDXL02.9217-006 N/A
EJDXL02.9303 EJDXL02.9303-026 U-R-004-0491
EJDXL03.0208 EJDXL03.0208-016 N/A
EJDXL04.5119 EJDXL04.5119-009 N/A
EJDXL04.5130 EJDXL04.5130-025 N/A
EJDXL04.5141 EJDXL04.5141-011 N/A
EJDXL04.5211 EJDXL04.5211-021 U-R-004-0482
EJDXL04.5212 EJDXL04.5212-022 N/A
EJDXL04.5214 EJDXL04.5214-012 N/A
EJDXL04.5304 EJDXL04.5304-024 U-R-004-0489
EJDXL06.8120 EJDXL06.8120-010 N/A
EJDXL06.8302 EJDXL06.8302-003 U-R-004-0477
EJDXL06.8105 EJDXL06.8105-018 N/A
EJDXL06.8204 EJDXL06.8204-019 U-R-004-0486
EJDXL06.8210 EJDXL06.8210-020 U-R-004-0487
EJDXL09.0114 EJDXL09.0114-013 N/A
EJDXL09.0202 EJDXL09.0202-023 U-R-004-0488
EJDXL09.0301 EJDXL09.0301-001 U-R-004-0478
EJDXL13.5103 EJDXL13.5103-014 N/A
EJDXL13.5132 EJDXL13.5132-015 N/A
EJDXL13.5146 EJDXL13.5146-004 N/A
EJDXL13.5300 EJDXL13.5300-002 U-R-004-0479