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Diesel Engine Retrofit Information

As local emissions regulations and programs continue to evolve to address the emissions of diesel powered construction equipment, more of the compliance burden is being placed on equipment owners. Regulations can vary drastically across each region, equipment owners need to work with their John Deere dealer and local regulatory authorities to determine how specific regulations affect them.


One primary way to achieve compliance with local regulations is to retrofit existing engines with verified aftertreatment devices that reduce particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), or both. Equipment owners need to ensure that aftertreatment devices have been verified by either EPA or the California Air Resource Board to ensure they meet or exceed local emissions reduction requirements. Verification provides regulatory approval that the device meets emissions targets and is approved for installation by a third.


Due to the varying equipment and engine combinations across all horsepower ranges and applications, it is difficult to find aftertreatment solutions that are universally applicable. Your John Deere dealer is the best resource for helping you determine if retrofit is right for your machines.

Diesel Retrofit Programs

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