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JD Rx Converter allows users to easily convert shapefile prescriptions into a format that is readable by the GreenStar™ 2 display. Shapefiles can be dragged and dropped into JD Rx Converter, and batch exported out to the data card to be used in the GS2 display.


NOTE: Prescription Shapefile Conversion is now available on the GS2 2600 Display. The GS2 Shapfile Converter offers improved performance over the JD Rx Converter. To download the GS2 Shapefile Converter, customers must update to the most recent version of GS2 2600 software (version 2.5).

To learn more about the GS2 Shapefile Converter, click here.

In order to use prescriptions from JD Rx Converter, ensure the GS2 has been updated with the latest GS2 software from GS2 Live Update

Note: RX Converter version 1.1 is for Metric units only and may not operate correctly for U.S. unit conversions. If you have downloaded Version 1.1 for use with U.S. units, please remove the program from your computer and then download Version 1.0.

US Units Only

  • Version: 1.0
  • File Size: 30.2 MB
US Units Only

  • Version: 1.1
  • Post Date: May 2009
  • File Size: 27.9 MB

After selecting the link select the "Run" button in order to download the file.