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6 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

Healthy communication makes for happy customers



Everyone wants to receive great customer service and businesses strive to be known for providing it. When it comes to construction customers, this mindset isn't any different. While having impeccable customer service isn't always the easiest to accomplish, these six tips can help you amp up your best efforts.




1. Adhere to deadlines


Keeping your project on track and finishing by the projected date will always make your customers happy. Respecting the customer's deadlines is key to a great business relationship as it shows them you truly care about the project's success. An added bonus? If work is ahead of schedule and you're able to wrap up a few days early, your customer will be that much more likely to choose you again for projects in the future.


2. Keep communication flowing


Make sure the customer is receiving regular updates about his or her project and is informed of changes in a timely manner. Good communication will show your customer you care about keeping him or her in the loop on every aspect of the project. This will help build trust between the both of you, and will keep the customer's worries and concerns at bay.


3. There are no dumb questions


Let your customer know it's A-OK to ask questions as they arise. The last thing you want is a confused or misguided customer who doesn't understand what you're talking about or planning to do. To avoid disappointment upon project completion, or customer realization that something isn't how he or she imagined it would be, encourage them to ask you any questions they have regarding the project.


4. Be honest


No smoke and mirrors allowed. Don't hide or disguise issues and problems from your customer. Let them know of possible delays or other concerns as soon as you find out. Ensure the customer you're doing everything possible to resolve the issues, and let them know your team is working hard to keep the project on track. Even though this may be difficult to do, it's out of courtesy to the customer. While they may seem upset, they'll respect you for doing it.


5. Don't assume


Needing to add more reinforcement to a structure or order a different type of material? Don't proceed without consulting the customer first. While some changes may be inevitable, it is courtesy to run them by the customer before making a change to the original plan. Also, some of these changes could be costly. You don't want to upset your customer by purchasing something or making a change that will greatly influence the budget without their awareness.


6. Team alignment


Great customer service won't happen unless everyone on your team is on board. Educate your employees about your customer service goals, and make sure their personal attitudes are aligned with these goals. Together, you can provide the best experience possible for your customers.