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Cold Weather Solutions

Motor grader working on evening out a road

When we think about snow removal with motor graders, we typically think of county or state road crews, however, many contractors, airport crews, and other large businesses make use of these machines for the same reason.


Why? Because the horsepower and torque keep productivity high when adding v-plows and snow wings offsetting the additional weight. Plus, with Service Advisor, your motor grader can have controllers updated in the field without a service call.


Safety right from the factory allows you to equip your motor grader properly from day one. Ground-level service is must when the motor grader is covered with snow, ice, and road grime making it difficult to get to your daily checks. Following are some options for you to choose when purchasing a motor grader for these applications.


  • "Slow moving" sign
  • Premium 18 LED light package delivers unmatched visibility even in the worst conditions while delivering year round.
  • Tall front snow plow light bar
  • Standard LED turn signal brake lights (high visibility)
  • Video showing rear of the motor grader in harsh conditions four ways on
  • Standard left-hand engine compartment light
  • Right-hand engine compartment light
  • Weather Band Radio with Bluetooth
  • Standard laminated glass
  • John Deere’s six-wheel-drive delivers on the first day and every day after. Adjust on the fly to match conditions as they change.
  • Bladerson-style lift group is an excellent option when adding v-plows or dozer blades.
  • The rear counterweight with rear hitch pin help to balance motor grader insuring that the power doesn’t slip away.
  • Radial snow tires deliver the results you have come to expect.
  • Add up to three auxiliary controls on the right or left hand side configuring it to meet your needs.


Cab Options


  • Heated mirrors/rear window
  • Rear camera
  • Heated seat (optional G/standard GP)
  • RH or LH/both beacon brackets




  • John Deere's auto differential lock works in gears 1-4 and can be overridden manually, if needed, giving the operator the right tools to use.
  • The optional circle slip clutch allows the moldboard to release when an object is struck.
  • The optional blade impact absorption system protects the structure of the motor grader when concrete shifts from the colds temps driving frost in the ground.
  • Mother Nature tends to keep plow operators out for multiple hours at a time, that's why it is important to equip your motor grader with the auto shift feature reducing operator fatigue and keeping them focused on what matters most.
  • Our adjustable rotary pre-cleaner keeps the engine pulling in clean air when working in harsh conditions.


    Solutions for Cold Weather


    • Hydrau XR - Greases, Oil, Fuel & Coolant are designed to work when the weather is at its worst.
    • The diesel fuel-fired engine coolant heater warms the engine reducing engine idle time to save fuel, increase starter and battery life to decrease downtime.
    • The optional 200-amp alternator and standard 1400cc batteries will be there when you need them.
    • Optional severe-duty fuel and water filtration system filter base contains a heater to help prevent fuel from gelling.
    • Engine block heater 110v allows you plug it in almost anywhere.

      Have a conversation with your John Deere dealer to better understand how our Motor Graders can be equipped to tame even the most serious road conditions and applications.